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Picture of Ed Parazoo
Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2016 - 2017
“Year of Mercy”

August 2016

My Brothers All,

What a great Summer Leadership Meeting!  If you were not able to attend, please get with your District Deputy and see what information and training was provided.  We gave him material for you to get/use.  Also, check out the state website for briefs on the presentations.

Twitter!  Facebook!  We are now active on these mediums for providing you more options for timely communication.  Please sign up to keep information flowing to you and your Councils.  @KofCWA Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Rev Kenny St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

August 2016

As Knights of Columbus, we constantly strive to deepen our identity as Catholic men. This is why I have been writing these monthly articles on the characteristics of authentic masculinity as revealed to us in the person of Jesus. I hope this series has prompted some deep reflection leading to the greater appropriation of our manly identity in Christ. Read more...

Bob Baemmert,
State Secretary

August 2016

My Brothers All,

Our State Warden sure did a great job of setting up the Summer Leadership Meeting. Good guest speakers, a great address by Bishop Daly from the Spokane Diocese, and a lot of informative workshops for  attendees to learn from. I gave a little talk about being "charming" in your new role as a leader in the State, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you and help you achieve all of your goals for the year.   Read More...

Patrick Kelley,
State Treasurer

August 2016

Worthy Sirs,

Although Summer is upon us this is not the time to slow down. Even while many are on vacation those still at home can work on important issues…like getting us off to a great start. Bring in a new member this month.   Read more...

Kim Washburn,
State Advocate

August 2016


The Star Track membership program this fraternal year is being revamped. It was such a great membership idea that CBS Studio web crawlers decided to protest our program. Despite my soiled knees, I was informed we must Cease and Desist the Star Track theme with its correlation to Star Trek properties. Read More...

Greg Mahoney,
State Warden

August 2016

Brother Knights,

We have a revised Monthly Service Report (MSR) this year.  Refer to my General Program Director article for an overview.  New this year is the nesting of all of our six program categories with the Supreme Council’s Building the Domestic Church Initiative while Strengthening our Parish.  As we plan our program activities for the year, we need to see our programs and membership through the lens of Building the Domestic Church (BDC). Read more...

George H. Czerwonka, Jr.,
Immediate Past State Deputy

July 2016



Here is a recap of my input on our OFFICE DEPOT ACCOUNT and KNIGHT'S OF COLUMBUS ASSET ADVISORS. Read more...