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Picture of Eddie Parazoo Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2015 - 2016      
“Be Men of Action”
Our Lady of Quadalupe

November 2015

Let us give thanks......thanks for all we have and all that we do.  Thanks for all the community action and support programs you perform.  Thanks for all the donations of food and funds for the needy.  Thanks for the effort and support of the Tootsie Roll drives and the funds that will be provided to Special Olympics and other programs that support those with disabilities.  Thanks for offering KofC membership to your family and friends.  Thanks for your leadership and dedicated hours of service.  Thanks for your family for allowing you to do God's work.| 

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Check out all the fun we had at our Summer Leadership Meeting this year in Pasco, WA.

Upcoming Events
Date Event
11/26/2015 Thanksgiving Day
11/28/2015 3rd Degree Exemplification - Bremerton
12/04/2015 District Deputies' Winter Meeting - Bellevue
12/05/2015 District Deputies' Winter Meeting - Bellevue
12/06/2015 District Deputies' Winter Meeting - Bellevue

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Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) 

State Chaplain, Rev Kenny St. Hilaire
Picture of Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire

November 2015

Last month, we reflected on the role of our fathers, both earthly and heavenly, in teaching us masculinity. We noted the example of Jesus, who not only had the fatherly example of St. Joseph to guide him in his youth and young adulthood, but also his Father in heaven, with whom he was constantly connected in prayer. Prayer is an indispensable dimension of manliness and a means of deepening our identity as beloved sons of the Father.

Closely connected to this theme is another theme drawn from t... Read more...

State Treasurer, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Pat Kelley

November 2015

My Brothers,

Last month we took a deeper look at form 185 Officers Chosen (Council Officers), and form 365 Report of Service Program Personnel (Council Chairmen). As you will see from the latest report from Supreme…many are still missing.

While the importance of all these reports cannot be understated, the Semi-Annual Audit is probably the most important.

It is Form 1295 and is required as a result o... Read more...

State Warden, Greg Mahoney
Picture of Greg Mahoney

November 2015

Brother Knights,

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!  This Veterans Day, I pray that all Americans will pause, reflect and be thankful for all of the great sacrifices endured by our Veterans in defense of our country.  I thank each and every Veteran for their service to preserve the many freedoms we cherish and enjoy.  True strength of any country lies in the willingness of its citizens to fiercely defend it against all enemies.  Thank You Veterans!  May your Thanksgivi... Read more...

State Secretary, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Bob Baemmert

November 2015

Hi Brothers,

With the State Deputy's approval I put out the third  invoice for the year this month and we are up to 90% paid on the Liability Insurance statewide and The Exemplification Fund is now at an all-time low of below $200 owed. Congratulations to all of you who have taken care of your Council's debts. For those that still owe, it is not too late to pay these debts, and I will likely put out one more set of bills this month.

Sure i...

State Advocate, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn

November 2015


I have held meetings with a couple of home corporations and both are in the process of changing their name not to include the Knights of Columbus.  This is a relatively easy task by filing a name change with the Secretary of State.  The cost is $20.

Some home corporations have been inactive to years and are electing to close their corporations, with no property involved. 


Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin

September 2015

The Silver Knight Award Program is designed to enhance membership commitment to the principles of the Order and to recognize excellence in membership recruitment and active participation in council’s program activities and services. District Deputy Mentors, District Deputies and Grand Knights must actively promote this program in their respective Districts and Councils.

Awards for this month include:

For further details contact:

Romy B. Ablao, PGK PFN FDD FIC
Email: romakofc@gmail.com (206) 399-3515