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Picture of George Czerwonka George Czerwonka, State Deputy 2014 - 2015      
“Making a Difference for Life”
Our Lady of Quadalupe

My Brothers all:

You struggled greatly this past month of May to reach only 42 new members…less than 50% of our goal for the month. I don’t know the reason, it could not have been the Annual Convention. We find that less than 50% of you chose to have your council delegates attend.

What is apparent is that all council leaders have not fully embraced “One Member per Council per Month” as the new benchmark and standard by which we will be measured in the future. Read more...

Upcoming Events
Date Event
07/17/2015 Summer Meeting Pasco, WA
07/18/2015 Summer Meeting Pasco, WA
07/19/2015 Summer Meeting Pasco, WA

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Insurance Renewal Letter 

Announcing Summer Leadership Meeting, Pasco, WA
July 17-19

ATTENDEES: Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, Council Program and Membership Directors, District Deputies, State Chairmen

WHERE: Red Lion Hotel, 2525 N. 20th Ave., Pasco, WA 1-800-733-5466-or on-line here. Room rates: $100.00 single and double occupancy plus taxes

WHEN: District Deputies & State Chairmen - Start Friday 7 PM All others - Start Saturday 8 AM

State Chaplain, Rev Steven Dublinski
Picture of Rev Jamie Chacon

Stay tuned for a message from our Chaplain.


State Treasurer, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Ed Parazoo
My Brother Knights,


Here is the latest update on Forms submissions. We keep whittling away at these outstanding forms. We only need a few more Form 185's and 365's. THANK YOU BROTHERS FOR YOUR EFFORTS!!! 100% SUBMISSION IS THE MISSION! I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii. WOW, are there a lot of Packer fans over there!...just sayin'.


  The second Form 1295 Semi-Annual Audit that was due February 15, 2015 is coming in nicely. As soon as the Supreme council reports on which ones they have received I can report to ...Read more...

State Warden, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn
Brothers all,

Councils are steadily reporting numbers. We had two more councils report that I did not know were participating, that makes a total of 61 councils which is the highest participation since our program started in 2011. So far we have 22 councils reporting with a total of $36,845.09. Jack would be proud. Thanks guys!!!!

Get your paperwork into me ASAP so that grant checks can be written at the first Regional Meeting in January. If you need it earlier, please let me know.

I had an interesting idea submitted by 2763 Longview-Cowlitz GK John Schapman and I wanted to share it with you. This will not be for everyone and we don’t want to take away from the program’s uniqueness of giving away tootsie rolls, but I wanted you to see this for whatever its worth. I certainly would not recommend this in any other month but September and October. Also, you might want to include other organizations that benefit in your area besides Special Olympics.


State Secretary, Ed Parazoo
Picture of George Czerwonka
My Brothers All,

Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries: State Per Capita billings have been issued. These billings are due upon receipt....please pay them promptly. These must be paid prior to State Convention time.

Certificate of Election! Please get these in as soon as possible! Don't let your council get caught without getting the required documents in prior to the State Convention. Read more...

State Advocate, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Bob Baemmert

Roberts Rules – Today’s Lesson:

Often times we shortcut certain items of Robert’s rules, much to our own detriment. The Convention Resolutions session is a good example of just that so let’s look at it a bit.

After several speakers, a member rose to the microphone and said “I call the question”. In our own councils we would likely have proceeded much the same way we did at the Convention, but…as another member reminded us, and rightly so, in his “point of order” that a “call the Question” is actually a motion of its own and requires not only a 2nd, but a 2/3 vote of the council as well to end the discussions phase of the previous motion already on the floor. That is the purpose of “Calling the Question”. Read more...

Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin

Congratulations to Silver Knight Awardees for June 2013:
  • Kenneth DeVos, Burien 5495
  • Bill Heilman, Kennewick 10653

Romy B. Ablao, PGK PFN FDD FIC
Chairman, Member Development West