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Picture of Eddie Parazoo Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2015 - 2016      
“Be Men of Action”
Our Lady of Quadalupe

August 2015

My Brothers All,

Hope you all enjoyed the Summer Leadership Meeting held on July 17 thru 19 in Pasco. We have received a number of good comments about the content of information presented. [...]

As you may have seen, our Supreme Council assigned goals for Washington State Council are as follows: Read more...

Media Buzz

Check out all the fun we had at our Summer Leadership Meeting this year in Pasco, WA.

Upcoming Events
Date Event
09/07/2015 Labor Day
09/15/2015 Tootsie Roll Drive 9/15 thru 10/12
09/19/2015 2nd & 3rd Degree Exemplification - Bothell
09/19/2015 2nd Degree Exemplification - Federal Way (St Theresa)
09/20/2015 3rd Degree Exemplification - Shoreline

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Council Audit Procedures
Chaplain's Corner
Insurance Rejection Letter 
Insurance Renewal Assembly Letter 
Insurance Renewal Council Letter 
Insurance Renewal Letter 

State Chaplain
Picture of Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire

August 2015

The Washington State Council is pleased to welcome Father Kenny St. Hilaire as our new State Chaplain! If that name sounds familiar, it should - - Fr. Kenny is the nephew of State Historian Joe St. Hilaire

The Scriptures tell us that God is love (see 1 Jn 4), and at the very heart of love is gift: the gift of oneself to another. God is the great giver of gifts, as we well know. To receive and experience the love expressed in the gift, gratitude is key. When we are ungrateful, we fail to recognize the giver, and we ultimately lose the gift. On the other hand, the more we are grateful, the more readily we see the gifts that are being given, and the more deeply we experience the love of the giver. Read more...

State Treasurer, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Pat Kelley

August 2015

Worthy Sirs,
Submitted on your behalf, on 8-2-15, were the following forms listed below:
185 = 8297 & 14852
365 = 1550, 2126, 2303, 8297, 10652, 11736, & 14852
SP7 = 763
All others listed are still needed by Supreme and the State

State Treasurer

State Warden, Greg Mahoney
Picture of Greg Mahoney

August 2015

2015 Summer Leadership Meeting

Brother Knights, it was very good to see many attend the Summer Leadership Meeting in Pasco. I greatly appreciate your patience during registration. I want to extend a special thank you to our brother knights from Pasco Council 1620, for their support rendered during envelope stuffing on Friday night and attending to the registration table on Saturday morning. WFS Bob Spinler, you did a super job coordinating support for registration and for the 4th Degree Honor Guard during Mass, and the Installation of State Officers and District Deputies. I believe everyone in attendance received their charge loud and clear – to be Men of Action. All of us should be servant-leaders dedicated to advancing the vision of Fr. McGivney. Lead, be professional and use the tools presented at the summer meeting and you will be successful with regard to the three pillars of membership, insurance and strong visible programs. Briefings presented at the summer meeting are posted on the WSC Website for your reference. Any questions on the briefings, do not hesitate to contact me at StateWarden@kofc-wa.org.


Greg Mahoney
WSC State Warden

State Secretary, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Bob Baemmert

August 2015

My Brothers All,

I got a chance to address the District Deputies at the Summer Leadership Meeting and I had a ball doing it. My message was a simple one. Make friends with your Grand Knights and you will be successful together. That's what worked for me when I was a District Deputy. I sure hope that all who attended got a lot out of the meeting and are energized to have a great year. We are really overdue to have a good one, so let's allow ourselves to be successful and most importantly, let's enjoy it all the way!

State Advocate, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn

August 2015

Worthy Brother Knights,

Supreme sent me an update on EIN revocations and potential revocations, along with all other council filing dates. Six councils/assemblies were in the revoked status, five were in the warning zone (less than a year from revocation), and six that I see as future problem areas. If you haven’t heard from me, you are not in any category mentioned above. I am happy to say that fifteen are on the road to correction. If all fifteen follow through, there will only be two councils left in the headache category.

Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin

August 2015

The Silver Knight Award Program is designed to enhance membership commitment to the principles of the Order and to recognize excellence in membership recruitment and active participation in council’s program activities and services. District Deputy Mentors, District Deputies and Grand Knights must actively promote this program in their respective Districts and Councils.

For further details contact:

Romy B. Ablao, PGK PFN FDD FIC
Email: romakofc@gmail.com (206) 399-3515