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Picture of George Czerwonka George Czerwonka, State Deputy 2013 - 2014      “Making a Difference for Life” Our Lady of Quadalupe
 My Dear Brothers All:

We have been very busy building our momentum these past weeks of January and February; and, now; we’re into March with the Church Membership Drive at hand to honor our Founder, the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney. This month of March, it is most important that all council’s choose a weekend with your parish priest in honor of Founder’s Day and be membership active too.

Membership Director Marcel Bergeron and I want to share with you a new level of membership growth recognition too – Triple Star Council! When reaching this level, your Council will receive ...Read more...
Upcoming Events
Date Event
04/26/2014 4th Degree Chehalis
04/26/2014 3rd Degree Oak Harbor
05/03/2014 4th Degree Everett
05/04/2014 3rd Degree Seattle
05/31/2014 4th Degree Tri-Cities

Of Interest

Councils can send prayer cards to victims of the Oso Landslide at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle -  See link

Address them to:        Oso Landslide Patient,
                                   Harborview Medical Center,
                                   325 9th Avenue,
                                   Seattle WA 98104

Council Audit Procedures

Eastern District Master's Report - January 2014 
State Chaplain, Bishop Blase Cupich;">State Chaplain, Bishop Blase Cupich style="float: left; padding: 5px;"> Picture of Rev Jamie Chacon
Hope for the Future

The late Halford Luccock, who began teaching at Yale Divinity School a year before the Great Crash of 1929, recounts in his book, Unfinished Business, a story told by a dinner guest about the fate of Flagstaff, Maine. When residents learned that their small town was to be flooded as part of a dam project, they stopped all improvements and repairs to their property. Soon the town fell into ruin. As the dinner companion observed, “What was the use of painting a house if it was to be covered with water in six months? Why repair anything when the whole village was to be wiped out?” Then he added: “Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.”

Today we hear that same logic as or nation struggles with what seems to be intractable problems: immigration reform, universal health care, global peace, systemic poverty, world hunger and so much more. We seem to have no power in the present, because our faith about the future is dimming.Read more...

State Treasurer, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Ed Parazoo
Message from the State Treasurer and Forms Keeper

Greetings Brothers,

Here is the latest update on Forms submissions. We are still needing two Form 365's and we are down to only eight August audits missing! We still need 32 February audits, however. We also need 23 Fraternal Surveys Form 1728. Supreme representative Jack Leibowitz is adamant about getting all of these surveys submitted, so give it your special attention... Read more...

State Warden, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn
Worthy Brothers

What a Summer Meeting. If you didn’t make the trip to Yakima, you missed a great meeting. I think even the veterans learned something new.

While I was honing my ability to be in three places at one time, I hope you were taking in as much as possible. I think I liked the GK panel question and answer best of all. Great questions, great feed back and great responses.


State Secretary, Ed Parazoo
Picture of George Czerwonka
Brother Knights,

Welcome to 2014!!! And welcome to WSC FINANCIALS 101. A series of articles to help you better understand your Washington State Council Financials.

Each July 1 brings a new fraternal year with a new leadership team. And as such, a new budget needs to be established. Our budget setting process is a bit different than council's processes, as we don't have any fundraisers. We can't schedule one more breakfast to support a shortfall. As a matter of fact, we are at the discretion of all you councils.....our true source of income (per capita) is based on membership numbers in January. Read more...

Convention Proceedings
State Advocate, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Bob Baemmert
My Brothers,

I received the following email that I wanted to share with you...This is why you want to make sure that you file your IRS 990:

Worthy FS & Brother Kevin,
Congratulations on submitting the reinstatement of your councils tax-exempt status. Remember when you get your approval letter that you make a copy and submit that with a signed EIN authorization request to Supreme so that they can get you on their Master list or "gen". God Bless you for your perseverance...I know this is not easy and I have been preaching to avoid this hassle for the last two years. I'm sure our new SA will do the same.

Thanks for your efforts!

On Jul 18, 2013, at 3:44 PM, "Kevin Fraley" wrote:
Just a short note to let you all know we have completed and submitted all forms and paperwork (a 40 page packet!) to the IRS for reinstatement of tax exempt status. This was mailed to them June 28th, as of yet we have received no response. Please stress to all councils that this process is to be avoided at all costs.
Thank you,
Kevin Fraley, Financial Secretary
Bl. Teresa of Calcutta Council 12591
Edmonds, WA

Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin

Congratulations to Silver Knight Awardees for June 2013:
  • Kenneth DeVos, Burien 5495
  • Bill Heilman, Kennewick 10653

Romy B. Ablao, PGK PFN FDD FIC
Chairman, Member Development West