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Picture of Eddie Parazoo
Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2015 - 2016
"Be Men of Action"

Getting Ready for Lent

My Brothers All,

Welcome to February!  We are moving closer and closer to our State goals, however, we are nowhere close to our ultimate goal.  Nor are we even half way there. Washington State is ranked 58 out of 74 jurisdictions.  We are better than that!  We have some ground to make up but know that we can do it with all our collective support.  Don't hold those candidates.....exemplify them!  Get them into the Knights so they can put some of that new enthusiasm to work for your council!  If each of you recruit just one new member.....you would make up the ground needed to put your council into the running for Star Council and Washington State back on track, too.  Please see to it that you ask that new parishioner, that new Catholic, that new 18 year old, that man that sits on the pew next to you!!!   Read more...

Our Lady of Quadalupe
Of Interest
Upcoming Events
Date Event
02/12/2016 Pre-Convention Meeting - Vancouver
02/13/2016 Pre-Convention Meeting - Vancouver
02/14/2016 Valentine's Day
02/14/2016 Pre-convention meeting - Vancouver
02/15/2016 Presidents Day
State Chaplain, Rev Kenny St. Hilaire
Picture of Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire

February 2016

Our next reflection concerning Jesus Christ as the perfect model of masculinity may seem obvious. We have already looked at Jesus’ habits of prayer and work, as well as his gentleness and his devotion to Mary. Now we note an aspect of his life which most people already consider a trait of genuine masculinity, but which will still profit us for a brief meditation.

Jesus was brave. His courage was unfailing, no matter the circumstances or situations he faced. Jesus was not one to fall into fear, anxiety or worry, and most certainly never gave in to a spirit of cowardice. This is evident throughout the gospels.   Read more...

State Treasurer, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Pat Kelley

February 2016 

My Brothers,

While most Fraternal Survey reports are flowing in rather well(congratulations), the December 2015 Audits are at a trickle  While there is still about 2 weeks left till the due date at Supreme, many have already arrived…that’s great…Well Done. Read more...

State Warden, Greg Mahoney
Picture of Greg Mahoney

February 2016

I am humbled as I continue to review all of the Monthly Service Reports from councils.  It is inspiring to know first-hand all of the great charitable, fraternal and patriotic works of our brother knights in the Washington State Council.  In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we are truly living what our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop Lori, describes as authentic signs of the Father’s mercy. Read more...

State Secretary, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Bob Baemmert

February 2016

Greetings Brothers,

It was great to see you all at the Regional Meetings! (Don't ask me about the 6 hour white-knuckled drive home from Olympia...It wasn't pretty, but we made it home by the Grace of God!) We are all back at it with a New Year now and a lot of new things are going on for everybody. Read More...

State Advocate, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn

February 2016

Inter-Council SW is now in compliance with Supreme and name change to Columbus Park.

Everything else in this report is a reiteration of last month. This is important information, so read and comply. Read More...

IPSD George H. Czerwonka, Jr.
Picture of George Czerwonka


FOCUS is the acronym for “Fellowship of Catholic University Students” and is dedicated to launching college students into a lifelong Catholic mission. Through genuine friendship, the FOCUS missionaries meet college students where they are, inviting them to examine the meaning and purpose of their lives, sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Read More...

Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin