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Picture of Eddie Parazoo
Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2015 - 2016
"Be Men of Action"

Happy New Year!

My Brothers All,

As we move into the new calendar year, let us review our accomplishments and shortcoming.  Resolve to continue our many good endeavors and strive to correct those shortcomings to turn those into successes!  There is lots of room for many successes in all we do.  There is still time to correct some of those shortcoming this fraternal year.

Let us start the new year strong and do our state proud.  It just takes a commitment and focus.  Forget the noise and distractions......focus on what YOU want done.  You will get it done.  Do you want that Star Council?  Star District?  Go get it!  Don't play the "excuse game" - if you truly want it......find a way.  Finish!   Read more...

Our Lady of Quadalupe
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Upcoming Events
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02/12/2016 Pre-Convention Meeting - Vancouver
02/13/2016 Pre-Convention Meeting - Vancouver
02/14/2016 Valentine's Day
02/14/2016 Pre-convention meeting - Vancouver
02/15/2016 Presidents Day
State Chaplain, Rev Kenny St. Hilaire
Picture of Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire

January 2016

My brothers,

Moving into the new year, we continue our reflections on Jesus Christ as the perfect model of masculinity, and we take those reflections a bit deeper as we progress. We have already looked at the Son-Father relationships in Jesus’ life and the manliness of prayer; the importance of work and the employment of the gifts we have been given as a dimension of manliness; and the integration of strength and gentleness as an indispensable trait of the truly masculine man.

Since we began this month in the Christmas season—when Mary’s role in salvation history is brought forth prominently in the liturgy—and especially considering that every calendar year begins with the celebration of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, I thought this would be an opportune time to offer some comments on Marian devotion as an aspect of masculinity. Read more...

State Treasurer, Patrick Kelley
Picture of Pat Kelley

January 2016 

My Brothers,

Welcome to the New Year. Let us pray for a prosperous and charitable New Year for all those in need.

At this time of year we should all be working on the form 1728 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity which is due at Supreme no later than Jan 31st 2016.

This report should include all hours and dollars expended by Councils and/or members in the performance of Council and Church activities. This can include help received by family members and friends who assisted in events, etc. All activities sponsored by either the Council or your Church count, including those that benefit those outside our Church, when done in the name of the Council or the Church. This should also count any assistance you or your family gave to another Council or Parish or outside organization (like Special Olympics), under the K of C name. Read more...

State Warden, Greg Mahoney
Picture of Greg Mahoney

January 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!! 

As the New Year begins, this is the time to put in play your plans to set your council on track for Star status.   The winter leader meetings were a chance to reenergize for the second half of the Fraternal Year and an opportunity to hear from the Supreme Knight about some exciting changes happening in the Order.  As the Supreme Knight referred to in his video presentation, it is important for the Knights to lead change and not be led by change.  Take this to heart as you develop and organize your program activities now and in the future. Read more...

State Secretary, Bob Baemmert
Picture of Bob Baemmert

January 2016

Hi Brothers,

Welcome to the New Year! I have enjoyed seeing all of you at the Mid-Winter and Regional Meetings and I am now turning my attention to the business for the next six months.

In January we will be billing for Per Capita. This is a $9 per member assessment that is due without a Council vote. It is based on Supreme's roster that is updated January 1st. Members who are inactive insurance members, honorary and honorary life members and Supreme qualified Disabled persons are not included.   Read More...

State Advocate, Kim Washburn
Picture of Kim Washburn

January 2016

Home Corporation progress continues with Chehalis being the most recent.  The person to help at the Secretary of State’s office is the Corporation Division, Secretary of States, (360) 725-0377 for name changes. 

Remember, for those of you that operate your council on the calendar year have until May 15th to file your 990-N, 990-EZ or 990 Standard.  Both 990-N and 990-EZ can be filed electronically (takes about 15 minutes with all you information ready). You will receive an acceptance notice right away from what I understand. Read More...

IPSD George H. Czerwonka, Jr.
Picture of George Czerwonka


FOCUS is the acronym for “Fellowship of Catholic University Students” and is dedicated to launching college students into a lifelong Catholic mission. Through genuine friendship, the FOCUS missionaries meet college students where they are, inviting them to examine the meaning and purpose of their lives, sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Read More...

Silver Knight Award Winners
Picture of the Silver Knight Pin