Tootsie Roll Program
The Tootsie Roll Program is a great way to get your whole council involved in raising money to help individuals with disabilities. This program raises money for Special Olympics and a charity of your council's choice.

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Costs Nothing

Gains Everything

Link your Fred Meyer Community Rewards Card to Columbus Charities


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Chart your course to Charity, the first principle of the Knights of Columbus.

Columbus Charities, Inc. was established in 1974 and funding was derived from an annual raffle. The proceeds were used to fulfill requests from like-minded organizations and in the past 20 years, funds in excess of $500,000 have been made available through a grant process. Click to see our brochure with details on our history.
Previous grants made for community and youth programs include organizations such as Special Olympics, Catholic Community services, Children's Advocates and Diocesan World Youth Day. Health organizations include Kidney Care Centers, Cancer Care Centers, Veterans hospitals and other similar organizations.
In May, 2008, the Board of Directors of Columbus Charities, Inc., established the Columbus Charities Fund, an endowment fund, which receives and retains gifts which are held in perpetuity in order to create income to support future grants.
Download the Columbus Charities Brochure for more information.

  Donor Types
Individual and Council Charter Memberships!!
The Columbus Charities Fund is ready to lift the gangplank, leave the pier and get underway on a journey to a new legacy.
We encourage you to be a Charter Individual or Charter Council for this maiden voyage. Your individual gift of $50 or Council gift of $250 qualifies you as a Charter Member of which all will be honored at our State Convention in May 2010 and reported in our State Bulletin. We need you on board as members of the crew.
  Types of Gifts
Memorials: Preserve the memory of a loved one through a memorial gift. Ask family, friends, and businesses to also contribute to the fund. This amount is then dedicated on behalf of him/her and becomes a permanent memorial.
Honorariums: Honor someone special in your life by remembering them on a special occasion or in a time of need. Their name is added to the K of C prayer list.
Cash or Check: Cash or checks in any amount are always appreciated. Check with your place of employment to see if they have a “matching gift” program. Checks should be made out to Columbus Charities Fund.
Securities: Gifts of stocks and bonds can also be donated. Check with your tax consultant on the benefits you might derive from such a donation.
Life Insurance: Donate a policy in any amount to the Columbus Charities Fund and receive an immediate tax deduction. Check with your K of C Insurance Agent for details. Click here to request the agent to contact you.
Bequests: The Columbus Charities Fund may be named as the residuary beneficiary of your estate, the recipient of a specified gift or contingent bequest, or the ultimate beneficiary of the assets of a charitable remainder trust.
Real Estate: When you donate real estate, the property is sold and the proceeds go to the Columbus Charities Fund. Check with your tax consultant concerning whether the appraised value of the property may be used as a tax deduction.

Give a Gift - by mail
You can give a gift by downloading this form and send to the following address:
Columbus Charities Fund
1927 Peach Tree LN
Richland, WA