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Washington State Ceremonials 2019 - 2020
Marcel P. Bergeron
State Ceremonials Director
Phone: (509) 554-4924

March 2018

My Brother Knights


We have just completed Knighthood Degrees in E. Wenatchee and Spokane.  Both were successful combined Formation and Knighthood degrees.  The degrees in Spokane were held at St. John Vianney Parish in Spokane Valley and had a relative large number of candidates with 37 candidates for the Formation Degree and 42 candidates in the Knighthood Degree.  Thanks go out to Host District Deputy Brad Smith for District 5 for hosting this degree and DD from Districts 8, 18, 20, 28, and 33 for getting candidates to these degrees.


I am pleased to announce that we now a newly Certified Formation Degree team member for District 6 (DD Bret Fleming of Selah as DD) and 2 recertified team members for District 8 (Kurt Zimmerman of Pullman as DD and Peter Appel of Colton as GK).  I’d like to congratulate Bret, Kurt, and Peter for their commitment to their district formation degree teams.


I want to continue reemphasize upon each of you about the importance of your roles in encouraging your new and existing members to advance through the Admission, Formation, and Knighthood degrees. Your personal commitment to our ceremonials is a key to the success of your Councils, Districts, the State Council and the Order. The more new and existing members can participate in all three of these degrees, the more dedicated and committed your brothers will be to actively participate in the Council activities and projects.


We have scheduled and organized a total of 9 more Knighthood degrees throughout the State from this point forward in the year. That schedule is on the website and it will be updated throughout the year. Your responsibility as Grand Knights and District Deputies is to carefully plan your Admission and Formation Degrees in an appropriate manner so that your members can be ready to participate in the planned Knighthood through the year in your area.


In the coming 2 months, the following Knighthood Degrees are scheduled:






Gig Harbor

2, 24 & 29



11, 25 & 36



5, 8 & 28



13, 14, 16, 21 & 23



6, 7  & 17



5, 8, 18, 20, 28 & 33


BOLD denotes Host District

* denotes Saturday degrees

** denotes combined Formation & Knighthood degrees



Please take advantage of these opportunities and contact the Host District denoted in bold if you interested in attending.


As always, be prayerful in all you do and at every gathering with your Brothers offer special prayers for all members of your Council both active and inactive, for new potential prospects, and for the success of your Councils and Districts in accomplishing its goals for the coming year.


Yours in Christ


Marcel P. Bergeron, PGK, FDD, PFN
State Ceremonials Director
Phone: (509) 554-4924