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Brother FSs,
An interesting topic came to light the other day that each of us deal with on a frequent basis, that being the process for getting disabled members confirmed as such. Each of us are, or should be aware that the process requires proper documentation such as a physicians' letter and submitting the proper forms to Supreme. What came to light is that after this official designation has been approved by Supreme, the continuation of that disabled status is simply a matter of the Financial Secretary sending in a statement to Supreme each year attesting to the continuing status of the member.

This can be a touchy subject and should be approached with delicacy and care for the needs of our member. Once a member is declared as disabled, State and Supreme no longer charge per capita expenses for the member. The process is outlined in the FS handbook.

A REMINDER, Summer Leadership FS training is just around the corner in July in Yakima.. Get this on your calendar and we will see you there.

Viva Cristo Rey!
Ed Broadhurst, FS Consultant/Bulletin Editor

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