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State Advocate 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Advocate

Tom Williams

November 2019

Brother Knights,

How is your fall going? Are you paying attention to the details of your Council? There are forms to submit, men to recruit, programs to run! As we move into the fall Church Drive time and the holidays are approaching, there are many opportunities for your Council to visible and active in your community.

I want to focus on some housekeeping tasks this month, we need to get some items cleaned up and get all Councils into a compliant status.

Report Update

· Form 185 Report of Officers Chosen for the Term – 3 Councils still need to submit this form that was due on June 30th, 2019  

· Form 365 Service Program Personnel – 14 Councils still need to submit this form that was due August 1st, 2019

· Semi-annual Audits – 13 Councils are behind by at least one audit, with seven Councils behind by two or more audits. If your Council is on this list, you should be getting a lot of emails – let’s get it done!

Safe Environment

The Knights track each Council’s Safe Environment training compliance (please see the graphic on the next page to find your Council, sorted in District order). While many Councils are doing a good job, we still have too many Councils with some problems:

· Chairman positions that are not filled

· Chairmen with no record of Safe Environment training

· Councils with the same man filling all the Safe Environment required positions

· Councils with the same man filling both background check positions

If your Council falls into one of these categories, please expect to hear from me and your District Deputy in the near future to help you get back on track. Please remember that if your Council is not Safe Environment compliant, you are not allowed to host events that are aimed primarily at children 18 years of age or younger. As we move into the holiday season, this could cause a big impact on your Council, so please pay attention to the requirements and get in compliance.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, I am always glad to hear from you and offer assistance.


Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams

State Advocate