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State Advocate 2017 - 2018

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Greg Mahoney

March 2018

Brother Knights,

Resolutions are an important part during the State Annual Meeting (Convention) in May.  It is important for all to understand the Resolutions Process.  Please refer to the Grand Knight’s handbook posted on the WSC Website for more details, pages II-16 through II-19.  Go to the following link to review the handbook:  Below is a summary of key steps involved during writing, submission and review of resolutions for consideration at the Annual meeting. 

1. Council process:

a. Well prior to March 15, councils should consider resolution proposals 

b. Extreme care should be devoted to both their preparation and thought content.

c. Any proposal transmitted beyond your council and within the corporation of the Knights of Columbus should be "germane" - that is, closely related to the purposes for which the Knights of Columbus exists.

d. In some councils, the member who moves for adoption of a resolution must present it in writing at the time the motion is offered.

e. Some councils follow the practice of assigning one member, or special committee, to the task of drafting or editing those resolutions that are to be sent forward for convention consideration.

f. A resolution should be read aloud to the council and be submitted in writing to the entire membership to approve or disapprove prior to the next regular business meeting.

g. The regular business meeting at which the membership will vote to approve or disapprove the resolution must comply with the council’s bylaws as they pertain to the requirements for a quorum.

h. A resolution and the council’s vote must be recorded in the council’s minutes.

i. It remains the responsibility of the council grand knight and advocate to make sure that each resolution truly reflects the sense of action taken by their council and is presented in the best possible form.

2. Writing a resolution:

a. A resolution should contain supporting arguments, and its intent should be clearly defined, be free of errors of fact and law, and   

        have material relevant to the purposes and programs of the Knights of Columbus.

b. A resolution should deal with only one subject.

c. Changes to existing documents must identify the source and the paragraph/section that is to be changed, modified, or added.

d. A resolution attempting to initiate the use of Washington State Council funds or changes to existing fund disbursements, the council’s resolution should identify the source of the money and its clear intent.

e. Resolutions have two major parts, a preamble and a resolving section.

f. Refer to the Grand Knight Handbook for how to write the WHEREAS and the RESOLVED sections of a resolution.

3.    Submitting a resolution;

a. Council approved resolutions must be submitted in writing and must be in the hands of the State Secretary by March 15 prior to the State Council Annual Meeting.

b. Resolutions submitted by the councils must be printed on council letterhead paper, signed by the grand knight and financial secretary, and bear the imprint of the council seal.

Submit council resolutions in Word format to the State Secretary,, and to the State Advocate,, by March 15.

Mail the original resolution document, signed by the grand knight and financial secretary and bearing the imprint of the council seal to the State Secretary by March 15.  Mail to State Secretary Patrick Kelley, 4122 S. 130th St., Tukwila, WA 98168-3132. If you have any questions about submitting a resolution for consideration at the State Council Annual Meeting, please contact the State Advocate and/or the State Secretary.

Vivat Jesus!



Greg Mahoney
Washington State Council
State Advocate, WSC