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State Advocate 2018 - 2019

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Greg Mahoney

November 2018

Brother Knights, 

In several past issues of this monthly State Bulletin, I have presented information related to the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program (SEP).   Praesidium administers the SEP for the Order. To be sure, we brother knights take the protection of our youth and vulnerable adults seriously.  Make no mistake that we are to work together to protect children and stay vigilant for any signs of abuse.  To this end, all District Deputies and Grand Knights are to present and make widely available to members the SEP Information Guide (Revised 2018), which can be found on the Orders website at the following link:  This guide includes the Knights of Columbus Youth Activity Policy.  This guide must be reviewed by volunteers before conducting a Knights of Columbus youth activity.  All SEP handouts can be found at:

The Knights of Columbus SEP requires certain leaders to complete three training modules.  In addition to the training, some leaders must also have a background check completed. The following chart outlines the requirements.

Training must be completed within 30 days of receiving email confirmation from Praesidium acknowledging your appointment to one of the above listed positions.  If you are one of the above listed leaders and have not received an email from Praesidium, contact the Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection at, or (203) 752-4558.  Submission of forms 185 and 365 will trigger email notifications.  If training requirements are not completed within 30 days, Supreme will remove the member from his position and you will have to submit another Form 365 appointing a new person.  You can also reappoint the same person, but this cannot occur numerous times.

I recommend you encourage as many members as possible in your councils to take the general training.  At Knights of Columbus youth events, you must have at least two members present who have completed the training.  One of the members must also have had a background check completed.

As soon as I receive an updated council status from Supreme, I will send it out.  As always, I am here to help you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.



Greg Mahoney

Washington State Council
State Advocate, WSC