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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

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Patrick Kelley

June 2018

My Dear Brothers,

Well, it is June and the 115th Convention is in the books. Gratefully, all Per Capita bills have been paid as well…albeit a number were just paid this week…all are paid regardless, and I thank you for your cooperation....

A personal thanks here to our All-Forms Chairman, Kevin Fraley, for helping on the final collection efforts for Per Capita…Great Job Kevin.

Next, gentlemen, is the Summer Meeting. Summer Leadership meetings are the most informative of the year where the State Officers and guests focus on getting you all the program and membership information they can to help guide you through the next fraternal year. While this is an expensive meeting, like the Convention, it is money well spent and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. Please make every effort to attend. This meeting is primarily for District Deputies, Grand Knights, Program Directors, Membership Directors, and Financial Secretaries, but all are welcome.

A quick word about Per Capita money you send to the State Council each year. Although your State Council Officers remain conservative, the remains of a previous year’s balance carried over to the next year averages around $5K per year and is smaller each year due mostly to inflation. The State Council has not asked for, or received, a raise in Per Capita amounts from Councils since 2003 and yet it continues to provide the necessary funds to operate all year long. There is no other revenue source for the State Council so this will soon cease to be sufficient as costs for everything we do goes up every year.

The State Council Officers appreciate your kindness and attention to keeping these bills paid promptly.

Pat Kelley

State Secretary