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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

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Patrick Kelley
March 2019

My Brothers,

Thank You for the wonderful incoming support of the new Pennies For Heaven goal notification system.

To explain a few things that are generating questions across the state I would like to inform all Councils of the following. In my haste to get this new workload “off-the-ground” and in the mail to all, a few things were not caught in the modified programs at the outset. Please bear in mind that the fastest way to accomplish this effort was to modify the existing Per Capita Billing system program. That turned out to be a bigger job than anticipated so I apologize for any shortcuts that we took and later confused some folks.

The document sent out showed the word “Invoice” at the top and in the body of the text, BUT PFH is still a voluntary program—nothing there has changed.

The document has been changed. The word “Invoice” at the top of the form has been removed and the “Watermarked” word “Invoice” across the text has been changed to read “GOAL”.

The calculations, although correct, were not properly displayed. The Per Capita program pulls the number of members to be billed for from the line above which subtracts Honorary, Disabled and Inactive members from the calculations and shows that result below with the amount for Per Capita owed for each.

Unfortunately, in the PFH Goal system that “borrowed” form is still showing the same number of members BUT manages to get the calculations correct. PFH is calculated at $3.65 per Member MINUS only inactive and disabled but not Honorary, as it is believed that Honorary members would still continue to want to support Seminarians in this manner.

While explicitly stated on the “Goal Statement”, as well as in every notice of these changes sent to all DDs, GKs, & FSs, the checks now MUST be made out to “Pennies For Heaven” in order to be deposited into that bank account of the same name, a few Councils are still either combining the PFH figure with their Per Capita and sending a check made out to Washington State Council, or just ignoring all notices and sending a check for the PFH donations alone in the name of  Washington State Council. Please, please, please ask all Treasurers to stop this practice and adopt the correct method.

Lastly, I am truly gratified by the number of Councils participating, as all should. Please remember that as an order founded by a holy priest with all that connection implies, we will always support our Priests and Religious as well as those coming along behind the present ones to someday take their place.

As Saint John Paul II said many times:  “There is no Church without the Eucharist and there is no Eucharist without the Priest.”

Pat Kelley
State Secretary