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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Patrick Kelley
May 2019

My Brothers,

It’s CONVENTION time again.  As of 4-16-19 the Certificates of Election are coming in slowly and less than half of the councils have submitted that form. Without it being received, signed by GK and FS, and Council Seal on it…your delegates will not be able to be seated at the District table during the voting nor will they be allowed to vote on any issue or candidate. This is your voice…use it. Please get those forms in. REMEMBER, you must hold a formal meeting with a vote to elect the candidates and that must be recorded in your Recorders’ minutes of said meeting. 

District Deputies and Grand Knights:

Several of the District reports for the Convention booklet that should contain all of your Grand Knight’s reports for the year are still not in. Grand Knights in my Six Months letter you were instructed to have your annual Council report to your DD by April 1st. District Deputies, you were also instructed in that same reference to have your District and all your Council reports assembled into one Word format document and have that to the State Secretary by April 10.

Today is April 16 and there are still some missing. Please get this in so we are not in the position of having to print “NO REPORT” for your District or any of your Councils.

This is only once per year so please ensure that this gets done and submitted.


Pat Kelley
State Secretary