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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Patrick Kelley

November 2018

Worthy Sirs,                                                                                                                      

My comments this month are largely addressed to the Financial Secretaries and Treasurers but all should be aware of these contents as Council positions change from time to time.

The new PENNIES FOR HEAVEN… Bank Account!

Your Washington State Council Officers have, acting on the advice of your CPA, opened a new bank account with US Bank solely for “Pennies for Heaven” monies. Henceforth, ALL CHECKS made payable for Pennies (PFH) donations must be made out to “PENNIES FOR HEAVEN” so that we may deposit them into that account.

Effective 10/01/2018, no checks for “Pennies for Heaven” funds are to be made out to the Washington State Council or Knights of Columbus as before. Those checks will be returned to the Councils for a re-issue in the proper name.

This has been done to add more transparency to that portion of our accounting structure and to clearly separate all 501.C.3 (charitable corporations) Funds from the 501.C.8 (fraternal benefit society) Funds. This is extremely important in terms of accounting practices, and more importantly, in the creation and maintenance of Tax Records for both corporations.

As I may have mentioned before it is highly improper for any entity to make checks for K of C programs debts payable to the chairman or any other individual regardless of position within the Order. Please mention this to your Councils and ask that all cease this practice.

Pat Kelley

State Secretary