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State Secretary 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Secretary

Kim Washburn
January 2020


Happy New Year!!!

Hope this finds you enjoying the New Year. 

I now have four councils that have not paid their annual liability insurance premium. As promised, I am posting those councils that have not paid. Not only are they jeopardizing the council’s well-being in case of a claim, but our insurance premiums are based on all councils participating. Last year, we had 100% of billable councils pay. We must have the same this year.

Here are the councils that have not paid.

Council 763

Council 8079

Council 13834

Council 15538

Be looking for the Per Capita billing which will go out this month. Remember, this payment does not require a vote by the council to pay.

If you do not have a Next Six Month Letter, find it on our Washington State website. There is a lot of good information that will help your council in filing paperwork and deadlines working up to the Convention in May. All are important, so take a look.

Be thinking about the delegates you want to send to the Convention. I will be sending out a Certificate of Election around the first part of February.

Check out what I do in my spare time.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Kim Washburn
State Secretary