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Immediate Past State Deputy 2017 - 2018

Picture of George Czerwonka

Eddie Parazoo
May 2018

My Brothers All,

The Convention is here!!!  I so look forward to these annual meetings to see old friends and meet new ones.  To review and hear about all the good things we have done over the year.  To celebrate those outstanding programs that touch us all.  To elect (or re-elect) our set of leaders to represent the State as Officers and as Delegates to the Supreme Convention.  Good times!  Great memories!  Hope to see you all there. |

This calendar year has been a tough one for our Parazoo family.  There have been a number of deaths (4!!) in these winter and spring months leading up to today.  I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and wanted to let you know that you all have a fond spot in my heart.  God Bless you all.

God Bless.

Vivat Jesus!


Ed Parazoo

Immediate Past State Deputy