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State Chaplain 2019 - 2020

Picture of Rev Kenney St. Hilaire

Rev Kenneth St. Hilaire
September 2019

I attended my fourth Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus last month in Minneapolis, and my expectations were well met. The celebrations of the sacred liturgy were extraordinarily beautiful, as always. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson’s annual report was inspiring, as always. The overall spirit of the convention was very upbeat and energizing, as always.

After all that, I have only one regret… as always! I wish more Knights from our jurisdiction could have been there. In fact, I wish ALL our Knights could have not only witnessed the grandeur of the event, but also experienced the sense of pride and renewal that is palpable at every Supreme Convention. 

How wonderful it would be if a large contingent from Washington could attend! It’s true that we can only send ten delegates. However, keep in mind that the convention is open to more than just delegates. I realize that financial limitations may prevent many of our members from traveling across the country to the convention, but if finances are not a deterrent for you, I strongly encourage you to consider attending. It’s well worth the investment.

One possibility is to try to include the Supreme Convention in your vacation plans. I believe the convention will be held in Washington, D.C., next year and in Denver, CO, the following year. Both of these are nice places to take a vacation. And--as long as you’re already there--why not take in the Supreme Convention?!

Yet another option is to find out when the Supreme Convention might be held a little closer to home and attend then. I don’t know if the convention has ever been hosted in the Pacific Northwest in the past, but if and when it happens in the future, be sure you are in attendance!

A final option---perhaps the most feasible for us all---is to access the video coverage of the Supreme Convention available online. EWTN broadcasts the opening Mass and Supreme Knight’s annual report---as well as some of the other events---and makes the video available on their YouTube channel. Keep an eye on to see what convention coverage might become available there. You should at least be able to read Carl Anderson’s report, which is quite impressive in itself.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you consider attending the Supreme Convention. If that’s not likely ever to be a possibility, then at least watch some of the coverage of this truly momentous event. It will make you proud to be a Catholic and a Knight of Columbus.

Personally, I am somewhat spoiled in that I get to go to the convention every year as a guest of the Supreme Council. They invite each State Chaplain to take part in a special annual meeting at the close of the convention. We meet with the Supreme Knight and the Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore. It’s a time for sharing of ideas, addressing of special issues, and being encouraged in our work. I always come home renewed, recommitted, and grateful to be a Knight---and especially grateful to be your State Chaplain. God bless you and your families!

Vivat Jesus!

Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire
State Chaplain