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State Chaplain 2018 - 2019

Picture of Rev Kenney St. Hilaire

Rev Kenneth St. Hilaire
January 2019
Happy New Year 2019! May the Lord continue to bless you and your families in great abundance all throughout the year. May He deepen your faith, strengthen your hope, and purify your charity. Let’s be “all in” for the Lord in the next twelve months.

One common tradition with the coming of a new year is to make resolutions. Sadly, the abandonment of resolutions has become so much the norm that it doesn’t seem like people actually have any expectation that a new year’s resolution will ever “stick.” Don’t we find ourselves scoffing at the idea that we would actually lose 20 pounds in the new year? Or stop swearing? Or start going to confession more regularly?

“It’s a nice idea…” we might say. And in our brain the sentence continues: “...but I have serious doubts that it could really be done. I’ve seen how these resolutions have gone in past years…”

What a shame that we think this way! The life of Christian discipleship is one of countless new beginnings. We try our best to be faithful, and yet sometimes we fail. We stumble, then get back up again. We sin, then we seek absolution. What a tragedy it would be if someone stayed away from the confessional out of fear that they might sin again someday! “I tried that once,” they might say, “and it totally didn’t work! I sinned again in no time!” Similarly, we shouldn’t stay away from making resolutions just because we may eventually set them aside.

It occurred to me in preparing this article that Knights of Columbus know, perhaps better than most, how to make resolutions. We spend a lot of time and effort preparing resolutions for our State Convention. Time is spent at the Supreme Convention reviewing and approving resolution after resolution after resolution.

To me, the ratification of our resolutions is much more than a simple statement that these matters are the causes we support and the principles for which we stand. When we make our resolutions, I hear each Knight saying, “I resolve to support these causes. I resolve to stand for these principles in the way I live my life from day to day.”

As Knights of Columbus, we are men of great resolve. That means we don’t give up easily. We don’t allow discouragement to creep in when we don’t see the fruits of our efforts or we have low turnouts or little participation in our programs and events. Having resolve means we persevere to the very end. We don’t look for the easy way out when the journey becomes arduous. We always continue in pursuit of our goals.

Resolve and fidelity are closely linked. In order to be faithful to our commitments, we must have firm resolve. You who are married know this to be true - especially you who have weathered storms together and come out stronger on the other side! As a priest, I know I have to have firm resolve in order to be faithful to my vocation. Whatever our state of life or line of work, resolve keeps us on the right track.

As we begin the new year, then, I urge each of you, brother Knights, to renew your resolve to strengthen our Order, especially at the council level. Don’t be afraid to make resolutions - even bold ones! - and ask God for the grace to carry them through.

Vivat Jesus!

 Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire

State Chaplain