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State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Brother Knights,
Welcome to the start of a new Fraternal Year. While it is a great time to get a fresh start, with new ideas and plans, it is just as important to invest our time in bringing in new members to help with the ever increasing work of our programs to support the Church and the less fortunate.
Father McGivney formed our order to increase the spirituality of its members, protect their families in time of crisis caused by the loss of the bread-winner of the family, and to support those in ne
ed. We cannot do this without continuing to ask Catholic men to join us in these efforts. Every year member pass away, retire from active service due to health or age related inabilities, transfer out of state, or worse, some even leave the order.
Is it Ok to just stop a program because we lack the manpower to perform those duties that help our church and our communities? Do the less fortunate become somehow less needy because we choose no longer to help them? Of course, not  Our only solution is to continue to grow the order with new members.
A gas station put up a sign that read “Free Gas Tomorrow.” For years that sign was hung on the building and drew customers from everywhere, yet never one gallon was ever given away… Why you ask? Because the owner always stated…”I’ll be doing that tomorrow…not today”. Is this somehow the same way we decide when we will invite good Catholic men to join us? Tomorrow? Make that effort today, in your parish and in the community. At the store and in the workplace. Simply ask. The last three members I brought into the order came from my workplace…not the safety of the church property free from criticism about doing God’s work. Be bold and wear your faith…the Holy Spirit will protect you.
Vivat Jesus…