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State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert

Worthy Brothers,

One of the best experiences that I've had as a State Deputy happened to me this past month. I received the Pennies For Heaven checks from the State Treasurer and I started to make plans  with the Bishops' Offices to do the presentations. These men are incredibly busy, so just getting a chance to talk to their secretaries is a chore. My first attempt was with Bishop Tyson in the Yakima Diocese. Alma is his Director of Stewardship and Development and she has really been extra helpful to me both years now. I thank God for her assistance. SHE SET ME UP TO PRESENT THE PFH CHECK AT A MASS HELD FOR THE CONVOCATION OF THE PRIESTS! OMG every priest in the diocese was there to see me present our $34,000 check to Bishop Tyson. WHAT AN HONOR! I WAS SO JAZZZZZED! Check the picture out! That came with a big Thank You to all of us from Bishop Tyson for working so hard to provide the help for vocations that the bishops so badly need! I can hardly wait to see how Spokane and Seattle work out. My calls are in, so I will keep you posted on my experiences.

The State Officers have been traveling for the last two months now doing our Regional Meetings. This week we  travel to Colbert on Saturday and then on to Moses Lake for our last Regional on Sunday. These have been really fun and informative meetings for everyone involved. Those Districts/Councils that have hosted the meetings have been very gracious to us and my guys. Special thanks to State Warden Tom Williams  who presented the Faith in Action Programs and State Advocate Greg Mahoney who presented our Membership Programs. They did a superb job in presenting all of the changes and updates that we have received this year. I say it every week and I'll say it again: I HAVE A GREAT GROUP OF STATE OFFICERS AND OUR FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT UNDER THEIR LEADERSHIP. 

We have come to that time of year when COUNCIL CHURCH DRIVES are being planned and executed. If your Council does not have a bunch of talented recruiters, or your members are shy like me, might I make the following suggestion:

Tailor your church drive to get potential members to an information night- don't try to close the deal all at once on that day. Pass out the prospect cards, collect them and call the prospects and invite them to a well planned out "Information Night" that can include a number of you presenting professional videos from Supreme like, " Everyday Heroes" to explain what we do. You can include their wives,  provide snacks and answer questions. By doing this kind of meeting you will get a chance to interact with your prospects so that they are not strangers any more- you can  start developing a relationship with them and then either invite them to help at an event, if one is coming up, or seal the deal, if they want to, after the information night. This takes the heat off of guys who otherwise would be too shy to do a "cold ask" by themselves. 

Getting new members to revitalize your Councils is a great idea. To be successful at church drives, it really helps to have just completed a Council activity like the "Tootsie Roll Program" or any other Highly Visible Program  in the community. I am praying very hard for all of you to succeed on your church drives. The councils in this State really need the shot in the arm that a successful church drive can deliver. By the way, WE ARE IN THE TOP THIRD OF THE ORDER THIS YEAR IN TERMS OF RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS SO FAR. KEEP IT UP! NEXT MONTH I WANT TO REPORT EVEN BETTER RESULTS THAN THAT! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

God Bless you all and have a great month!'


Bob Baemmert

State Deputy - Washington State