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State Deputy 2016 - 2017

Picture of Eddie Parazoo

Eddie Parazoo

May 2017

The Convention is HERE!

My Brothers All,

Our annual State Convention is already upon us!  Hope to see you all there!  Check your email if you didn't receive the mailings - I sent an email to all Grand Knights, all Financial Secretaries, all District Deputies, and all State Chairmen regarding the deadlines for meals and hotel registrations.

We have two months remaining for this fraternal year.  Have you attained your goals yet?  Have you left the Council in a better place than when you assumed your leadership role?  If not, we still have two more months to reach for those goals and attain your place in history.

Gentlemen: we have just two more months and yet we need more than 360 new knights to attain one of our goals at the State level.  That is just over 2 new members for each Council in the State......ONE per month.  Can you do it?  Can we do it?  I say YES.  If each leader in the State - Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, District Deputy, State Chairman, State Officer, and Council Membership Chairman commits to recruiting ONE new member during the remaining two months of this fraternal year - we will be there!!  One is attainable.  You can do it!  Besides the satisfaction of giving the Knights of Columbus opportunity to that new man.....just think, you will also receive the COOL Star Tracker Pin!  Do you have yours?  Go get it!

How did your Council do in the church drives this month?  Let's follow up with these contacts and get those new brothers into your Council.  Give that family a chance to enjoy membership in the Knights of Columbus!

I always look forward to the annual Convention, where we can celebrate our accomplishments and where we can read about and see so many of your great works!  Truly uplifting to know that so many of you are out there doing God's work.  I am so proud of you!

My wife, Dawna, and I look forward to seeing you and hopefully meeting many of you at the Convention.

God Bless.


Vivat Jesus!


Ed Parazoo

State Deputy