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State Deputy 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert

Hello Brothers,

I have been a very busy guy this month getting ready for the State Convention in Pasco, WA, May18-20, 2018. I am really getting excited to see everyone, especially because I have been grading Awards all this last month and that always charges me up. We do so much good for so many that it is thrilling to read about our accomplishments! 

I have some historic news for everyone in the State. On April 23, 2018 Washington State launched its On-Line Membership Program. This program has huge potential to help our State and our Order. I have heard testimonials that this program has already dramatically improved other jurisdictions. Things I heard were a possible increase of 10-15% just from this program and that in Councils that were aging out and no new members came for years now they are rejuvenated by the guys who joined first On-Line and then moved into the Council. This program will not replace our conventional recruiting but it sure looks like it will be a powerful tool to add on. I have named a Chairman for this project, Renato Sacramento, and he is a great fit.

Let me tell  you more about it. On-Line membership is a lot like having a huge electronic anti-chamber. Guys go to:  and pay their $30 membership fee. They are placed in a State Division and 60% of those that have joined this way said that they are ready to join a Council. Then we match up his location to a Council, we notify the Council , the Council will be able to take him through the admissions process and first Degree and he becomes your new member. We will be sending all of the financial secretaries and district deputies the details, but this is a really good way to get young new members. Something new and exciting, so stay tuned for more details.

For those of you who are coming to the State Convention, I pray that you have safe travels. The weather in Tri-Cities made the 80's this week, so it should be a sunny nice time for us when you get here. Have a great month and God Bless.


Bob Baemmert

State Deputy - Washington State