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State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Brothers All,

Summer has faded and Winter is nearly upon us. As the trees change color it is time to reflect on our successes and the things still to do.

I have often heard that life is comprised of only two opportunities for each of us and both come and go at will…problems and doors.

Problems, issues, concerns, or whatever you call them, are things in life that come to us when least expected, but we must deal with them as best we can. This can be more difficult when we feel that we are out there on our ow—but we are not. God sends us, or allows, problems to come into our lives to teach us, change us, or the people around us. Let us not forget that he only gives us challenges with the promise that at the end he will make our lives better as a result. It is from problems that we grow but growing pains can be just that, pain. Remember he will always give us beauty for those ashes, if we remain faithful. Yes, our faith in him, in the end, is what will resolve all problems, but along the way he does expect us to continue to do all we can so that he can make our efforts successful.

In life we all encounter doors. Some are open to let us in and some are closed to keep us out. God knows always what is best for each of us so we must always trust that when he opens a door for us that has been closed for an eternity, he does so to make our lives better than we thought possible.

He also closes doors that sometimes we think should have been opened to us, but it is because he knows all that is on the other side of that door and we often don’t. He saves us time and again, often from ourselves. It is only when we recognize his hand in our lives that we finally start to understand how much he loves us.

Know that our future is bright. More good Catholic men are interested in joining us than we could imagine, and the legacy of Father McGivney will continue to serve the less fortunate as we have spent a lifetime doing. This Order will not end unless we stop believing and asking other men to join. We can leave a footprint of good upon this earth even after we are gone as long as we keep the doors open for others and never let problems consume us to where we forget He is with us always.

Go forth my Brothers, through the open doors, solve the problems we can and leave the rest in his hands. We will succeed.

May God continue to Bless each of you, every day.