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State Treasurer 2016 - 2017

Picture of Patrick Kelley

Patrick Kelley

May 2017

My Brothers,

After nearly two years as your Treasurer I feel it is a good time for reflection. In the past two years, we have run both hot and cold on our record of forms submissions to Supreme. Last year we did better than this year but still we find ourselves lacking in reaching 100% on all forms. While some of this may seem understandable as a few Councils have been experiencing difficulties in leadership and communications. that alone does not excuse our failing to meet these simple requirements. As you and your Council prepare for next year, and possibly a new slate of Officers, may I suggest that this be a topic of discussion at the same meeting at which you hold your elections? Perhaps if a member is able to focus on this issue before holding his hand up for office, he may give some necessary thought to this issue and give it the attention it deserves during his service as Council Officer… I pray so.

REMEMBER your SP-7s are necessary for Star Council and keep on recruiting as the year is not over yet.

Thanks for your cooperation and support these past two years and I look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

May God Bless all of you for all you do for his Church here on Earth.


As of 05/01/2017

00683 00763 01674 02126 03153 04367 08079 08398 14510 14852 14922 14926 15721



Pat Kelley

State Treasurer