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State Treasurer 2018 - 2019

Picture of Patrick Kelley

Kim Washburn

June 2018

Brother Knights,

What a fantastic Convention!!! Now we are focused on the Summer Meeting in preparation to make our fraternal year 2018-2019 the best ever....

Now to a sad note, we are losing Tommy LaCour as our Tootsie Roll Chairman due to health reasons. Tommy exceeded my/our expectations and was responsible for our highest intake since the program began seven years ago. We topped $139,000+ in funds raised for 2017-2018. We now have raised almost $800,000 since the program began. 

I am proud to announce that Scott Charleboix is our new Tootsie Roll Chairman and he is champing at the bit to get started. Give him some time to get squared away and he will be ready by the Summer Meeting.

Scott will also be handling the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program. Columbus Charities Endowment Fund is missing out on thousands of dollars of free money and it DOES NOT affect your current reward points, discounts, fuel points, etc. If 1000 families would link their Fred Meyer card to Columbus Charities 501 (c) (3), we would have realized $41,000+ to our Endowment Fund this past year. That is based on the 29 families currently linked to Columbus Charities, which earned us $300 this year.

Now to the Exemplification Fund Report. You guys are really doing well in paying your Exemplification fees, but it would be great if all councils get up to date. Makes our lives easier.

Remember $7/new member is required from each council. If your council is listed here with an amount next to it, you owe this to the Exemplification Account in support of our full Knighthood Degree State Exemplification efforts.

If you have a reactivation or readmission, please send that name and membership number to me for adjustment to your account (an email message will suffice). Your council does not owe the $7 for this new member.

Please get your account up to date and mail your check payable to Washington State Council with exemplification in the memo area, AND COUNCIL NUMBER ON THE CHECK. Send to:

WSS Pat Kelley

4122 S 130th St.

Tukwila, WA 98168-3132

God Bless you all!


Kim Washburn
State Treasurer