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State Warden 2018 - 2019

Picture of Tom Williams

Tom Williams

June 2018

My Brothers,

What a great Convention! I hope all you whom attended the 115th Washington State Convention in Pasco had as much fun as I did. All the work that you men did over the past year was on display for all to see....

I would like to recognize the host Council for their hard work to organize the Convention and the great support they provided during the Convention. Richland Council 3307, led by Grand Knight Tom Pysto, Convention Chairman Mike Reisenauer and District Deputy Bob Olson, did a great job organizing a dedicated group of Knights. Registration was efficient, all events were staged well and it seemed that every time I turned around I was being offered help and guidance. Job well done, I can’t think of how they could have done better!

Special thanks to the stalwarts of the Warden Committee, these three Knights went above and beyond in their duties. They checked ID cards, manned the doors, notified me of dignitaries, and helped me with equipment. Suffice it to say, I would could not have done my duties without their able assistance!

John Wharton, Obadiah Council 7643, Kirkland

John Devine, Bremerton Council 1379, Bremerton

Jerry Cloft, St. Luke Council 14689, Shoreline

Brothers, keep your foot on the gas pedal as we approach the last few weeks of the Columbian year. Recruit that man, run that event, submit your Columbian Award SP-7 application. Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries should plan on attending the Summer Leadership meeting in Spokane July 13 – 15 to avail themselves of the training and new information on the “Faith In Action” program. Your knowledge and leadership is vital to your Council to grow and thrive, and this is a great way to prepare.

Finally, thank you for reelecting me as your State Warden. I am grateful for your support over the past year, both the kind words and the well-meaning advice on how to do a better job. I am committed to serving you and our State Council to the best of my ability each and every day.

Vivat Jesus!



Tom Williams

State Warden, WSC