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Church Programs 2016 - 2017
Picture of Church Chairman
Paul C. Robertson
State Church Chairman
Phone: (214) 478-9563

April, 2017

Brother Knights,

By the time you read this, the deadline for submitting your award application for Church and other programs may have come and gone. This is an excellent time to take stock of your status for the Columbian Award application due in June and for Star Council.

Here’s one way to proceed.

  1. Look critically at the Annual Grand Knights Report you just sent to your District Deputy. That will remind you which strong, visible programs you have or will have executed.
  2. Review each of your Monthly Service Reports (MSR) making note of the points you might have earned. It might help to have printed copies on hand. If you conducted any of the programs that satisfy all requirements, then you are well on your way. Examples for Church programs are supporting a seminarian through RSVP or conducting the 5th Sunday Rosary on all four of the months that had five Sundays this fraternal year (July, October, January, and April).
  3. Ensure that a minimum of four (4) of these programs are designated as Domestic Church activities to meet the Columbian Award requirement. Domestic Church activities can be attributed to any category and there can be multiple Domestic Church activities conducted in a single category. Please visit for the list of qualifying programs.
  4. Check that your Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728) was received.
  5. Check that your Service Program Personnel Report (#365) was received.

If you still need to conduct a Domestic Church activity, there are a few that can be done in the weeks that remain. Consider conducting a 5th Sunday Rosary April 30, a Consecration to the Holy Family, the Father’s Day Affirmation of Wedding Vows, Into the Breach, or the CIS- Building the Domestic Church series. You can order a complete parish set of the BDC series for your parish and receive a free display kiosk. For ordering the series and promoting the resources within your parish councils you will receive credit for a "domestic church" activity towards the Columbian award.

Finally, after taking stock of what shape your council is in, consider what you might get a head start on for next year. If you want to conduct the Family Fully Alive program, you will need to obtain approval and order the materials well in advance of the next liturgical year. Similarly, your Family Week program will need to be planned by July at the latest.

Building the Domestic Church Themes

The theme for April is Mercy and Forgiveness. The inner form of Christian familial love is mercy like God the Father who is “rich in mercy” (Eph 2:4). . Suggested activities, readings and themes can be found on Supreme’s web site at Two projects noted are: 1. going to church as a family for the sacrament of reconciliation and 2: a week later, take a few moments to discuss how the sacrament has helped each of you to be more holy and to fight against temptation and sin.

March, 2017

Brother Knights,

Some of you have reported some strong, visible programs. I look forward to reading your award applications next month. Remember to describe how you obtained your pastor’s buy-in, how it contributes to strengthening the parish, the man-hours and family-hours involved, and how it contributed to growing the membership.

This month, in preparation for reporting deadlines, let’s clear up some common confusion in reporting on the Monthly Service Report (MSR).

5th Sunday Rosary – Can only be reported in one of the months that actually has five Sundays. So far this fraternal year, only July, October, and January have had five Sundays so that box should not be checked in any of the other months. The last opportunity to conduct a 5th Sunday Rosary this fraternal year is in April. Since the April MSR is due May 1 and you will have had the event planned and promoted well in advance, you shouldn’t have to wait until May 1 to submit your MSR. You will have to wait until after the Rosary to submit the 5th Sunday Rosary Report Form in order to report the attendance and number of new members generated by the event. Since this is a Signature program, it is to your advantage to report the 5th Sunday Rosary in the blue section of the MSR with boxes one, two and three marked. It should not be checked down below and certainly not in both places.

BDC Signature Programs – When conducting a BDC Signature Program like the 5th Sunday Rosary, Holy Family Celebrations, Family Fully Alive, or Journey to the Inn, make sure that you have discussed it with the pastor, that it contributes to parish life, and that parishioners are involved, so you can mark boxes 1, 2, and 3. Not marking all three of these boxes is a red flag raising questions about whether or not the activity meets BDC objectives and will help your council qualify for the Columbian Award.

Other – This may be a little picky, but many of you are quite rightly reporting that Knights serve in many capacities in support of the parish and liturgy, such as members and leaders of parish councils, and as liturgical ministers. Good job! Keep it up. One correction though. Lay people are not Eucharistic Ministers. That title is reserved for the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion: bishops, priests and deacons. The proper title for lay people is extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. I use the acronym EMHC.

Building the Domestic Church Themes

As mentioned last month, the theme for March is Family Difficulties. Suggested activities, readings and themes can be found on Supreme’s web site at


February 7, 2017

Brother Knights,

We’re past the half way mark of the fraternal year, and have just a few months to conduct those strong, visible Church Programs that will help your council achieve its membership and BDC goals. But, perhaps more important, you only have a couple of months to prepare your Church Program Award Application due April 15th and your April MSR due May 1.

This is a good time to take stock of how you are doing toward your goal of meeting the Columbian Award requirements for Church Programs. Review the MSR noting the additional requirement for conducting a BDC signature program (Father's Day Renewal of Wedding Vows, 5th Sunday Rosary, Holy Family Celebrations, Family Fully Alive, Journey to the Inn, Food for Families) or a council designed program.

If you held a fundraising activity to support one or more seminarians through the RSVP program, or will have held all four 5th Sunday Rosaries, you’re in good shape. Make sure you have submitted the required paperwork. Then, identify an Officer or Brother Knight with effective writing skills to write up the Church activity or project you will submit for the Church Program Award and the Columbian Award.

Building the Domestic Church Themes

As mentioned last month, February’s BDC theme is THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE. Suggested activities, readings and themes can be found on Supreme’s web site at

The theme for March is Family Difficulties. Suggested activities, readings and themes can be found on Supreme’s web site at

Vivat Jesus!

Paul Robertson, Church Chairman

January 24, 2017

Brother Knights,

  • FIFTH SUNDAY ROSARY – January 29, 2017

FIFTH SUNDAY ROSARY – January 29, 2017

The 5th Sunday on January 29th presents an important opportunity as a stand-alone prayer event, an opportunity for a plenary indulgence, and as a stepping stone to building the 5th Sunday Rosary into a major diocesan and jurisdiction prayer event. The 5th Sunday Rosary is a Supreme SIGNATURE Program that meets the objective of the Building the Domestic Church while Strengthening the Parish. Praying together with the families of Knights, other parishioners, and other parishes supports fraternity, formation, and community.

Councils may consider all or some of the actions listed below to use the 5th Sunday Rosary in January as a stepping stone to Building the 5th Sunday Rosary into a major diocesan event.

1.     Prepare to discuss with your pastor the options of a community rosary with Holy Hour

a.     Praying the rosary in the church as a group before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle

b.     Praying the rosary during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction and Reposition

c.     Praying a Global Living[1] and/or Scriptural[2] Rosary during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

2.     If Exposition is involved, secure the cooperation of a priest or deacon to lead.

3.     Collaborate with other Councils and/or Districts to see who might host a District or Regional gathering.

4.     Reserve the space.

5.     Promote it as soon as possible using the State web site, parish bulletins, the 5th Sunday Rosary poster, Knights bulletins, parish bulletins, emails to Council membership and parish ministries, visits to parish schools, and press release (sample available at

6.     When completed, report it on the 5th Sunday Rosary Report Form and MSR

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help in organizing your parish, district or area 5th Sunday Rosary for life and for our country!


Vivat Jesus!

Paul Robertson, Church Chairman

[1] Volunteers, including children, stand around the worship space as Rosary beads, taking turns leading the Our Father, Holy Mary and Glory be prayers for each mystery of the Rosary. For a 5th Sunday, use Glorious Mysteries.

[2] A leader will read a brief scripture verse before each Hail Mary

November 15, 2016

Brother Knights, this November . . .

1.   Prayer After an Election

2.   View the Divine Mercy documentary

3.   Plan your December Church activities, e.g. Journey to the Inn

Prayer after an election

As we focus on giving thanks at this time of year, I'm reminded of a recurring theme in the movie "Facing the Giants." The Coach had fostered a sort of Domestic Church Team among his players that included a culture of praising God as a team when they win and when they lose. In the election just held, there were winners and losers. In the book Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, there is a "Prayer After an Election" composed by Cardinal Adam Maida, Archbishop of Detroit. It's a beautifully succinct prayer of thanksgiving and petition. The full text may be read at

View the Divine Mercy documentary

 “The Face of Mercy,” a new Knights of Columbus documentary that uses personal accounts to highlight the impact of God’s mercy on people’s lives, will air on many ABC-affiliated TV stations from Oct. 16 to Dec. 16.  

The documentary explores how Pope St. John Paul II inherited and shared the message of Divine Mercy revealed to a Polish nun, Sister Faustina Kowalska, in the first half of the 20th century. While still an archbishop in Poland, John Paul worked to gain the Church’s approval of the message revealed to Sister Faustina.

Filmed in 4K high definition, the project weaves theology and history with modern testimonials to reveal what constitutes the face of mercy in people’s lives and how it is the antidote to evil even in the most difficult times.

More information about the film, including broadcast times and the DVD release, is available at

Plan your December Church activities, e.g. Journey to the Inn

JOURNEY TO THE INN: A Signature Program under Building the Domestic Church and a simple way to keep Christ in Christmas

The Domestic Church initiative calls on all councils to build up the relationship between families and parishes and to strengthen parish youth ministry. This Advent, bring families closer to the Holy Family through Journey to the Inn: An Advent Celebration (#9898 — available for $1 per booklet). In the tradition of the Franciscan missionary celebrations that introduced the faith in America, this celebration shares the story of Jesus’ birth with your parish community and welcomes family participation.

If your parish does not already have this Advent tradition, councils should talk to their pastor about making this a parish program. Council leaders can coordinate with parish youth ministry leaders, using the booklet as a guide for your celebration. If your parish already sponsors a similar event, consider sponsoring a meal or charitable event for the children of the parish.

Journey to the Inn: An Advent Celebration (#9898) provides all the information needed to conduct a Christmas celebration and can be ordered through the Supply Department. Additional resources and action steps are available at

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