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Family Programs 2016 - 2017
Picture of Family Chairman
Thomas E. LaCour
State Family Chairman
Phone: (206) 380-0749

April 2017


Brother Knights

Just a Reminder.....It's a new Month.....Has your Council Selected the Family of The Month???? Family is the what makes this order so successful. Take the time to recognize those that stand out in Your Council!!

A Big Thanks to the councils that sent in a submission Last Month, Good Job!!


This fraternal year is flying by.....It's April already!!  Have you done your submissions forFamily of the Year??? Have you compiled you Service Program report for yourBEST Family Program. Deadlines are Knocking on the door. Don't let all the hard work that you and council has done go unnoticed. Take the time to Show the great works completed this fraternal that has made your council successful. I Can't say it enough...GET YOUR REPORTS DONE!!! You owe it to your council members!!


Family Fully Alive-Building the Domestic Church


The theme for April is Mercy and Forgiveness

   During the course of the parable of the unforgiving servant, Christ instructs his disciples to forgive not just seven times, but 77 times — a symbolic number that represents a willingness to forgive without limit. In other words, Christ instructs his disciples to love unconditionally by being merciful.

Once we allow ill will to take root in our hearts, it leads to deep resentment. …The opposite of resentment is forgiveness, which is rooted in a positive attitude that seeks to understand other people’s weaknesses and to excuse them. as Jesus said, “father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (lk 23:34). Yet we keep looking for more and more faults, imagining greater evils, presuming all kinds of bad intentions, and so resentment grows and deepens. … something is wrong when we see every problem as equally serious; in this way, we risk being unduly harsh with the failings of others. The just desire to see our rights respected turns into a thirst for

vengeance rather than a reasoned defense of our dignity.

            If we accept that God’s love is unconditional, that the father’s love cannot be bought or sold, then we will become capable of showing boundless love and forgiving others even if they have wronged us. Take the time to Forgive those that have done us wrong and live in God's Grace of Forgiveness.


 Brother Knights are you and your Council involved  the “Family Fully Alive” program?? If not you can learn how to get started by going to

The theme & meditation for the month of April is "Mercy and Forgiveness"


Vivat Jesus

Tommy LaCour

Washington State

Family Chairman


 If I Can Be of any assistance to you or Your Council please DO NOT hesitate to contact Me!

Tommy LaCour










Family Programs

Family of the Month - As Knights of Columbus, we have always been interested in the development of strong, vibrant families. In support of this philosophy and to create an even greater awareness of our many fine Knights of Columbus families, the Supreme Council instituted the “Family of the Month” program.

Family of the Year - Each year, those councils participating in the “Family of the Month” program should also select a “Family of the Year.”

Food for Family - Hunger knows no season and it is not confined to one region. The number of families that are at risk of suffering from hunger is on the rise. Your council should provide outreach to your parish soup kitchen or local food pantry throughout the year.