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Membership Programs 2018 - 2019
Picture of Church Chairman
Gregory S. Mahoney
State Membership Director
Phone: (425) 441-8113

November 2018

Brother Knights,

I look forward to receiving the October Church Drive results from District Deputies.  I was glad to see during our Regional meetings that many councils were planning to participate in this effort.  Remember, all of us are responsible for membership growth and we should be enthusiastic about inviting Catholic men to join the Order. Through membership, men strengthen their faith; help build better and stronger parishes; become better husbands, fathers and brothers; and build stronger families and communities. 

Great news!!  Our Jurisdiction is #2 in the Order for new members joining Online.  Chairman Renato Sacramento and all his Online Membership Coordinators are doing a fantastic job of helping councils embrace Online Membership.  Online Membership doesn’t change who we are, it simply provides a digital tool for us to reach men where they are in today’s world.  This initiative is significant, and the Order will benefit for many years to come.

We are working several opportunities for New Council Development this year.  Chairman Al Reponte has his hands full with potential new councils in Tacoma, Yelm, Yakima and Seattle.  We are excited to be in dialogue with the Bishops of the Archdiocese of Seattle regarding the possibility of a council associated with the Archdiocese to help spearhead new ministry initiatives within the City of Seattle.  Also, of note, there are efforts to break ground for more college councils in our Jurisdiction.  Please pray that our efforts be guided and strengthened by the Holy Spirit as we work to help build up God’s Kingdom.


Please review the Membership Action Items for the month of November and the last four months, and ensure your plans are consistent with the State Action Plan.  The State Membership Action Plan can be found at the following link: Use the plan as the foundation for the council plan.  It will make your planning easier and it will create synergy (Unity) throughout the Washington State Council. 


Please review the Member Mission results through October 17, 2018, in this bulletin.  We need to bring in close to 69 new members per month across the state to meet our jurisdiction’s intake goal of 825 for the fraternal year.  If half of the jurisdiction’s councils recruit one new member each month, we will easily meet our membership goal.


Congratulations to the Division Leaders in Membership growth as of October 17, 2018:

Division I – Council 8266, Spokane, 25% of membership goal

Division I – Council 9605, Mountlake Terrace, 25 % of membership goal

Division I – Council 15538, Seattle, 25% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16184, Nine Mile Falls, 25% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16361, Lacey, 25% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16690, Seattle, 25% of membership goal

Division II – Council 3645, Renton, 66.67% of membership goal

Division III – Council 11789, Bremerton, 137.5% of membership goal

Division IV – Council 7908, Federal Way, 35.71% of membership goal

Division V – Council 3307, Richland, 27.27% of membership goal


WSC Membership Incentives 2018-2019 are posted on WSC Website:

Supreme Council membership incentives for the Fraternal Year are included in the following pages of the bulletin.  Please disseminate widely in your councils.


WSC Star Recruiter Pin (pictured below)

Grand Knights/District Deputies – for Proposers to receive a Star Recruiter Pin per new member recruited, please send me the following information soon after the Admission Degree:

Proposer’s Name and the number of new members recruited

Mailing Address



Send the information via email to


New members will receive a WSC Welcome Letter the month following their Admission Degree.


Remember, we are all responsible for membership growth.


Fast Start Winners

July 1 - September 30, 2018


*For Insurance Territories only (United States and Canada)

Every Knight who recruited five men between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2018, were automatically awarded a $50 Knights Gear gift card! To be eligible for the $50 gift card, you must have been listed as the proposer on either the Form 100 or the Online Membership application. All membership applications must have been processed by September 30th. Winners are currently being notified. 

Congratulations to the following WSC Knights for being Fast Start Winners:

Michael Gallagher, Council 809 – recruited 13

George Cruz, Council 11789 – recruited 7



Grand Knight Trip to New Haven

The top Grand Knight in each jurisdiction in the Insurance Territories (based on their Membership Quota) will be entered into a raffle for 5 trips to New Haven for him and his spouse.

The #1 Grand Knight Incentive Trip

The top Grand Knight and his spouse in the Insurance Territories (based on their Membership Quota) is awarded a complimentary trip to the International Supreme Convention in Minnesota.

Star Council

The Star Council Award recognizes outstanding achievement in membership, insurance and service program activities. In order to earn the Star Council Award, a council must qualify for the Father McGivney, Founder’s, and Columbian Awards.

Additionally, the council must submit its Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728), its Service Program Personnel Report (#365), and remain in good standing with Supreme Council assessments.

*To be eligible for the Star Council Award in the United States and/or Canada, councils must be fully compliant with applicable safe environment requirements. *



District Deputy Trip to New Haven

The top District Deputy in each jurisdiction in the Insurance Territories (based on their Membership Quota) will be entered into a raffle for 5 trips to New Haven for him and his spouse.

The #1 District Deputy Incentive Trip

The top District Deputy and his spouse in the Insurance Territories (based on their Membership Quota) is awarded a complimentary trip to the International Supreme Convention in Minnesota.

District Deputy Training Incentive:

Attend State Organizational & Midyear Meetings

Take the online DD Training course

Attend 2 Webinars

Attend your State Convention

Hold 10 First Degrees in your district

Attain the above requirements and win a Travel Tumbler, Padfolio, and Certificate.


Star District

District deputies are responsible for ensuring the growth of the Order, and the Star District Award is the ultimate goal of every district deputy. The Star District Award goes to district deputies attaining 100 percent or more of their district’s membership and insurance quotas, and, in addition, at least one of their active councils has to attain one of the levels of Star Council. Award winners receive a wall plaque and a Star District lapel pin, and the district deputies who earn the Star District Award are entered into a drawing to attend the Supreme Convention.




Gregory S. Mahoney

State Advocate

State Membership Director

Washington State Council

Knights of Columbus


703-969-1888 (C)

    Membership Programs

    Recruitment & Development West

    Recruitment & Development East

    New Council Development & Round Table

    Retention Chairman

    Hispanic Member Development West

    Hispanic Member Development East

    Online Membership

    Young Adult Advisory Group

    Retention Committee