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Membership Programs 2019 - 2020
Picture of Church Chairman
Thomas C. Williams
State Membership Director
Phone: (206) 617-0600

June 2019

Convention Membership Awards / E-Prospect Card / Member Mission Results / Incentives

Brother Knights,

Membership Incentive Awards: Congratulations to the following award recipients at the Convention in Bellevue last month.


Council Awards

Achieved 50% Membership Goal in 1QTR (KC Jacket to GK and MD)

Council 894 (55.56%); Yakima, GK Bob Roybal, DD6 Federico Lopez

Council 10652 (57.14%); JBLM, GK Chip Dowd, DD34 Paul Swortz, Sr.

Council 11736 (50.0%); Black Diamond, GK Mark Pimentel, DD27 Darron Parsons

Council 11789 (137.5%); Bremerton, GK John Guerrero, DD2 Anthony Farrell

Council 12899 (50.0%); Vancouver, GK Diome Alcomendas, DD11 Steve Henderson

Council 14394 (50.0%); Spokane, GK Frank Taylor, DD20 Greg Loberg

Achieved 100% Membership Goal in 2QTR (BDC Kiosk)

Council 3645 (100.0%); Renton, GK Clark Thompson, DD27 Daron Parsons

Council 8102 (180.0%); Redmond, GK John Bachler, DD23 Tim Dunn

Council 10652 (114.29%); JBLM, GK Chip Dowd, DD34 Paul Swortz, Sr.

Council 11762 (100.0%); Lakewood, GK Don Havens Sr., DD34 Paul Swortz, Sr.

Council 11789 (150.0%); Bremerton, GK John Guerrero, DD2 Anthony Farrell

Council 12583 (200.0%); Spokane, GK Luis Gonzalez-Flores, DD5 Tom Holm

Council 14394 (125.0%); Spokane, GK Frank Taylor, DD20 Greg Loberg

Active Council for all 1QTR – JUL/AUG/SEP (Fr. McGivney Print)

Council 894; Yakima, recruited 4 new members, GK Bob Roybal

Active Council in 1QTR with highest net gain by 9/12 – JUL/SEP (Fr. McGivney Print)

Council 7908; Federal Way, recruited 5 new members, GK Ken Burns   

New Councils Formed (Council framed Charter, KC Jacket to Pastor, GK and FS)

Council 17152, Yelm, GK Darren Johnson, DD22 Abundeo Reponte

Council 17257, Yakima (first Spanish Council), GK Francisco Campos, DD6 Federico Lopez


District Awards (KC Portfolio, KC Thumb Drive)

Highest % gain in 1QTR – D24, DD Jim Fryxell, 36.3%

Highest % gain in 2QTR – D22, DD Abundeo Reponte, 73.9%

Highest % gain in 3QTR – D22, DD Abundeo Reponte, 86.9%


Supreme Contest of Champions – Fraternal Year 2017/2018 (Trophy)

Highest % Gain – Council 11253 (360%), Tukwila, PGK Michael Sniadoski, DD15 Steve Schweyen

Highest Net Gain – Council 3598 (19 new members), Auburn, GK Florentino Garcia, DD12 Don Hall


The following earned the Silver Knight Award this year for meeting the following criteria:

Recruited two new members

Participated in three program activities of the council

Attended three business meetings

Third Degree member in good standing

Met with an insurance agent or maintained Insurance Member Status

Timothy Dean, Council 8015, Arlington

Tom Connerton, Council 8476, Camano/Stanwood

James Kiniry, Jr., Council 894, Yakima

Kurt Vierra, Council 8476, Camano/Stanwood

Joseph Podmar, Council 8476, Camano/Stanwood

Michael Wells, Council 3611, Anacortes


Patrick Barton, Council 3611, Anacortes

James Liberty, Council 3611, Anacortes

Keith Mack, Council 3611, Anacortes

Arthur Case, Council 8102, Redmond

John Bachler, Council 8102, Redmond

Edwin “Bob” Spitzer, Council 11357, Langley


Prospect Landing Page:  If your council does not have a Prospect Landing Page yet, get one at the earliest opportunity.  You can request your Prospect Landing Page from Supreme by going to this link:  The screen shot below is what you will be directed to:



This prospecting system gives councils the means to implement E-Prospect Cards, which can be used at all Faith in Action program events and at your Church drives.  Please review the Prospecting Page FAQs sheet at the following link:   Continue to promote Online Membership as a key component in your recruitment efforts this year. 


Please review Membership Action Items for the months of June and put forth extra effort to recruit new members. 

Go to this link: 


Please review the Member Mission results through May 24, 2019, in this bulletin.  Shoot for Star Council and notice the results in your parish.

Congratulations to the Division Leaders in Membership growth as of May 24, 2019:

Division I – Council 8294, Yakima, 75% of membership goal

Division I – Council 9237, Spokane, 75% of membership goal

Division I – Council 9605, Mountlake Terrace, 75% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16184, Nine Mile Falls, 75% of membership goal

Division II – Council 8102, Redmond, 180% of membership goal

Division III – Council 10652, JBLM, 185.71% of membership goal

Division III – Council 12583, Spokane, 185.71% of membership goal

Division IV – Council 12983, Vancouver, 110% of membership goal

Division V – Council 7642, Kirkland, 50% of membership goal


Congratulations to the following lead Districts in membership growth as of May 1, 2019:

District 22:   117.3% - DD Abundeo Reponte

District 34:   94.4% - DD Paul Swortz, Sr.

District 24:   72.7% - DD Jim Fryxell

District 27:   68.0% - DD Darren Parsons

District 20:   64.0% - DD Greg Loberg


WSC Star Recruiter Pin (pictured below)

Recognize our Proposers.  Grand Knights/District Deputies should send me the following contact information for each Proposer to receive a Star Recruiter pin per member recruited:

Proposer’s Name and the number of new members recruited

Mailing Address



Send the information via email to


As we continue to rejoice in Jesus’s victory over the forces of death, let’s remember that we must live to advance His victory in our world today.

Ask Catholic Men to join the Order and be united with men of like faith who lead, who protect, who serve and who defend.  Our society depends on it.  In the last few weeks, I have seen many brother knights on Conservation lists in danger of being suspended.  We must balance that by actively retaining existing members and bringing in new members – but we must Mentor them to ensure they stay life-long members.


We have four weeks left in the fraternal year. Don’t let complacency rule your day.  The devil likes nothing more than when we become complacent.  I challenge you to move out of your comfort zones and invite men to become members of the Knights of Columbus, host Admission Degrees by mid-June 2019 and then mentor them to become life-long members.

I’m all about breaking the kingdom of death – and I presume you are too.  Likewise, let’s help build up the Kingdom of God.  Vivat Jesus!





Vivat Jesus!



Gregory S. Mahoney

State Advocate

State Membership Director

Washington State Council

Knights of Columbus


703-969-1888 (C)

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