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Membership Programs 2019 - 2020
Picture of Church Chairman
Thomas C. Williams
State Membership Director
Phone: (206) 617-0600

November 2019

Brother Knights,

Wow, it already November – where has the time gone? Halloween past and Thanksgiving on the horizon, this year seems to be going by quickly. I hope you are able to take some time to enjoy the changing scenery and weather, and ponder on the cycle of life.

How is your Council doing on Membership thus far? Have you hosted your Fall Church Drive yet? Or, have you reached out to that man you see at Church to see if he wants to receive the gift of membership in the Knights? I do call it a gift, where else can a man surround himself with strong Catholic men committed to building God’s Kingdom here on earth? Where else can a man avail himself to all the opportunities to serve his fellow man, protect life in all stage and ages? And where else can a man experience fraternity and brotherhood in this ever-increasingly isolated world? As our Supreme Representative Chuck Davlin says, “Don’t make the Knights a secret society” – share with the world all of our good works!

Looking at our Membership results (as of the middle of October) we have recruited 144 men thus far, or 19% of our yearly goal. We have a net of 108 men, or almost 26% of our goal. At almost four months into the fraternal year, to be on track we should be at 33% of our goal, so we have some catching up to do.

In reviewing membership as we approach four months into the fraternal year, I want to acknowledge the 63 Councils who are membership active. Thank you for your work to grow our Order and share the benefits of being a Knight with new men. Thanks to your efforts we have more than 140 new members this year.

Please feel free to share your good ideas with me and I will publish them in the state bulletin as an example of successful ways to recruit. I know a lot of Councils have had OctoberFest events in the past month – were you able to recruit new men at those events? Remember, we are sharing success with our brothers, not bragging on ourselves. Please take a moment to share with me how you are recruiting at your Council.

For the 101 Councils whom are not yet membership active, what can I do to help? Both the state and supreme websites have a huge amount of information on membership recruiting and programs if you need ideas. I am available via email and phone if you have questions or need some help. Take that step, start that program, talk to that man, share the gift of the Knights. My challenge to each of these Councils is to recruit at least one new man this fraternal year. I realize there are some Councils that have been identified where they are membership-saturated but every other Council has opportunities to reach out to prospective members. Take that first step, go outside your comfort zone – I promise you will get positive results!

Remember, the Knights of Columbus is the only fraternal organization that is still growing – all others are shrinking as their membership ages and they don’t recruit new members. We have an obligation to bring new men into the Order to make sure we can serve our priests and Church for many years to come.

Looking at the District level, we see that 24 Districts are membership active – keep up the good work, District Deputies! I appreciate your leadership to your Councils and getting results.

To the 11 District Deputies whose district is not membership active, what can I do to help? Again, there is a wealth of information and guidance available to you on how to help your Councils. Please feel free to contact either myself or the District Deputy Director Greg Mahoney if you need assistance. The Washington State Council is counting on your inspired leadership within your District.

A special thanks to Anthony Farrell, District Deputy 02, and Patrick Di Julio, District Deputy 14 – both men are on track to earn the coveted Star District Award! Their leadership and drive for their Councils has produced good results this year. Remember, District Deputy is one of the most important (and most difficult) in the Order, and we are counting on you!

Brothers, what topics would you like to see in this space? Do you have questions about recruiting or need some guidance? Share your questions with me and I will be happy to answer them in this column so that we can all benefit. Send them to me at

As I wrap up, I do want you to know how much I appreciate all the work being done by Knights across the state. In my position as Membership Director, you hear a lot from me about the need to recruit men, to increase our membership, but I don’t want you think that is all I care about. I consider it a privilege and an honor to represent you and guide you, and I don’t ever want you to lose sight of that. This is a great job because of the great men I get to work with and the great work we do. The Knights are sorely needed in this troubled and damaged world we live in, and what we represent and what we do makes it a better place. Don’t ever forget how needed you are and much better the world is with the Knights.


Vivat Jesus!


Thomas C. Williams

State Membership Director

Washington State Council


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