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Washington State Programs 2018 - 2019

Picture of Program Chairman
Thomas C. Williams, FN
State Program Director
Phone: (206) 617-0600

January 2019

Brother Knights,

Happy New Year to you and your families! Although the calendar year has changed, we are halfway through the Columbian year. How is your Council doing with the new Faith In Action programs? What sorts of success have you had, what lessons have you learned? Remember that I am always happy to hear from you and will do my best to answer your questions.

We looked at the four new program areas for Faith In Action for the past four months, now I want to pull it all together and look at how you can fit these programs into the Columbian Award application, SP-7.

To qualify for the Columbian Award, form SP-7, you must complete four programs in each of the main program categories. Required Programs mean just that, you are required to complete that program for credit in that main program category. When your Council conducts a Featured Program and satisfies the requirements, you will receive two credits in that category. Please note that some of the featured programs have a high bar set for them to receive double credit. At the Winter Leadership meeting we received a clarification that if a Council participates in a featured program but does not meet the minimum criteria, you can still earn a single program credit. This means that all programs should be available to your Council, even if the participation level for two credits is too high.

I also want to look at how you can use programs to set the stage for a second program activity. A good example of this is the Faith program Marian Prayer Hour, with the icon Our Lady of Persecuted Christians - - you can use this program to promote a second event, such as a fund-raiser for Life program Christian Refugee Relief. The events must be separate and distinct from each, but there you can certainly use one to lead to another.

The second piece of the Star Council award is the Father McGivney Award, which is earned for meeting or exceeding your Council’s yearly membership quota. Quota is defined as 7% growth increase of your Council, a minimum of 4 new members and a maximum of 35 new members. Please see Membership Director Greg Mahoney’s articles on the membership incentives that you can earn.

The third criteria is the Founder’s Award, which recognizes Councils that meet or exceed the Council’s yearly insurance quota, set as a 2.5% increase. All the insurance agents in the Washington Jurisdiction and the Councils they serve are listed near the back of the monthly bulletin – avail yourself to this fraternal benefit that is foundational to Fr. McGivney’s vision for the Knights.

Finally, each Council must have forms 365 (Service Program Personnel Report – due 8/01) and 1728 (Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity – due 1/31) received by Supreme, as well as be in good standing with Supreme. This means you have paid all assessments, there are no outstanding issues and, importantly, your Council is compliant with applicable Safe Environment requirements. State Advocate Greg Mahoney has written numerous articles on Safe Environment training so you should have all the information needed to be compliant.

Form SP-7 for the Columbian Award is to be sent to Supreme no later than June 30th, but I would strongly encourage you to submit earlier if possible. If there is any issue with the form or Supreme has a question, it can be resolved by the deadline as long as the form has been submitted early enough.

Next month I will go over all the State awards that we give out at the State Convention, so that you can start working on your applications. This is your chance to shine and to share your program successes with your brothers, and I would encourage you to send in your applications for these great awards.

Vivat Jesus!


Tom Williams

General Program Director
Washington State Council  



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