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Washington State Programs 2019 - 2020

Picture of Program Chairman
Dr Scott E. Hulse, FC
State Program Director
Phone: (360) 243-0745

September 2019

There are a multitude of Faith, Family, Life and Community programs that Councils can incorporate in monthly routines to enrich members’ lives, strengthen their faith, help men to become better husbands and fathers and provide personal satisfaction while we, as Knights, serve our Communities in many different ways. In an attempt at tracking these activities, the Washington State Council has developed the Monthly Service Program Report, using a point system to encourage monthly completion of these reports.

Why does the Washington State Council maintain a scoring system for Council activities? Why should Councils report activities? What difference does it make if Councils don’t report their activities? The answers to these questions may not be obvious. However, there are a number of benefits, both local and global, that accrue for the Washington State Council as well as the Council making the report.

The scoring system for Member Service Program Reports provides Councils with a metric that can be used to determine if a Council is meeting Supreme, State and Council expectations. In addition, the monthly Member Service Program Report, when completed by the Deputy Grand Knight performing his duties as the Council Program Director, enables the Deputy Grand Knight to familiarize himself with personal as well as Council sponsored service activities of individual Council members. This knowledge is invaluable when the Deputy Grand Knight becomes the Grand Knight. As the Grand Knight, he is aware of the individual talents of his members and can organize and plan programs that interest his Council’s members and take advantage of member’s talents. Another advantage of the Monthly Service Program Report is availability of information required for the SP-7 Columbian award application as well as the Form 1728 Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity.

Our existence as Knights of Columbus in an increasingly secular environment is supported by information included in the Monthly Service Program Reports. These reports provide justification based on facts for our existence as a faith-based organization that adheres to our Founder, Michael J. McGivney’s, principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. This information is essential as our Order responds to local, state and national government challenges to our credibility as Knights of Columbus.

Twenty-four Councils within the Washington State Jurisdiction provided Monthly Service Program Reports for activities during July of this fraternal year. Eight Councils are well on their way to achieving membership in the 2019-2020 fraternal year 1,000 Point Club. The Camano-Stanwood Deacon Donald F Hanika Council 8476 in District 31 is one-third of the way toward earning this distinction. Kent Council 8150 in District 27 is one-quarter of the way. The Four Chaplains Council 10652 at Joint Base Louis-McChord in District 34, Colbert St. Joseph Council 8872 in District 32, the Kennewick Holy Spirit Council 10653 in District 7, the Lakewood St. Francis Cabrini Council 4322, also in District 34, the Black Diamond St. Barbara Council 11736 in District 27 and the Renton St. Stephen the Martyr Council 13374, also in District 27, are well on their way toward becoming members. The other Councils that submitted Monthly Service Program Reports are listed along with point totals in the accompanying Table. Please verify that Council total points have been correctly recorded.

Six of the twenty-four submitted their reports by 1 August. The remaining Eighteen all gave up fifteen easy points because their reports were made after 1 August. Think of the Member Service Program Reports submitted by the first of the month as a guarantee of 240 points, almost one-quarter of the points that make your Council a member of the 1,000 Point Club. There are a multitude of Faith, Family, Life and Community programs that Councils can incorporate routinely in their activities that will provide personal satisfaction while we, as Knights, serve our Communities in many different ways.

Table 1. Accumulated Monthly Service Program Report Point Totals for Councils that Reported Activities


Identifying a Family of the Month and a Knight of the Month every month can provide almost one-half of the points necessary for recognition as a member of the 1,000 Point Club. Participating in the required programs for Community Service, Faith, Family and Life will provide an additional 200 points. The remaining points are easily obtainable by simply recording individual member service activities.

As Knights of Columbus, we need to let our communities, our states and our nation know that we are able and willing to serve. Please help to document this service by submitting Council Member Service Program Reports in a timely manner. Twenty-four Councils reporting out of a total of 166 is only 14.5%. We can do better.


Respectfully Submitted,

Scott Hulse

State Program Director


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