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Washington State Programs 2018 - 2019

Picture of Program Chairman
Thomas C. Williams, FN
State Program Director
Phone: (206) 617-0600

March 2019

Brother Knights,

As we move into the Lenten season, it is time to pause for reflection on the suffering and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as we prepare for Easter. I encourage you to set aside time each day for quiet reflection and prayer, for reading scriptures and to open your mind up to listen for God’s words to you. Too often in our hectic life we miss the quiet moments so I would encourage you to be thoughtful and deliberate in setting aside time during the Lenten season.

I would also invite you to reflect on your accomplishments for the past year, too, as we approach our WSC Convention. Take time to document your accomplishments for the state awards and your Columbian Award application ( ). This is not to celebrate ourselves and pat each other on the back, but share all the good work done by Councils and give other Councils ideas for their projects.

The Novena for Repentence, Renewal and Rebuilding ( is underway as I write this article, and it is an opportunity for your Councils to pray it in an organized manner and get program credit for the Novena for Life Required Faith in Action program. Supreme has given approval for this credit even if your Council does not start on the recommended days. In my Assembly, I have asked the Sir Knights to pray the first eight days on their own and we will pray the ninth and final day in our monthly meeting.

As always, I welcome submissions of Council activities each month and highlight as many as I can. Please continue to share your programs and projects with me, so that I can share with them our membership. Again, this is not to brag upon ourselves but to provide ideas and inspiration to our brothers, and encourage them in their own activities.

Stay active and stay strong, my brothers, our wounded world needs the Knights and our love and compassion for our fellow man. Today more than ever we need men of faith to serve their communities and provide an example of charity.

Vivat Jesus!


Tom Williams

General Program Director
Washington State Council  



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