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Washington State Programs 2022 - 2023

Picture of Program Chairman
Dang H. Nguyen, FS
State Program Director
Phone: (425) 306-2464

March 2023

My Brother Knights

Finish Line In Sight

We are just one month away from the deadline to submit all Service Program Award applications. Your council should be checking the state council web page and Supreme council web pages for deadlines. Other administrative and financial forms have their own due dates and councils should refer to Brother Kevin Fraley for assistance with those types of forms.

In particular, councils should draw attention to the new State Blessed Michael McGiveny Award. This award had its inaugural presentation at the 140th Supreme convention in Nashville last summer. The award honors a Chaplain whose priestly zeal and exemplary service are in the finest traditions of Blessed Michael McGivney. See details under Grand Knight resources page of the state website.

April 1 - All service program award applications to the state council are due. Early applications are encouraged.

April 1 - Pro-life Poster and Essay contest entries must be submitted to State Pro-Life Director, Gary Cloninger to be considered at the state convention for state award.


W-9s for ASAP grant applications

Below are the W-9s that I currently have available for any council to request. These W-9s belong to organizations have been accepted for grants under the ASAP program. Councils are still required to submit a W-9 form with your ASAP grant application even if the W-9 was submitted by another council. Your council is not limited to supporting these organizations, but be sure to read all of the guidelines for qualifying organizations under Supreme's ASAP program website at If you are supporting one of these organizations, send me an email and I will provide you with the W-9.

Some organizations may not be familiar with the IRS W-9 form. Here is a link to a blank W-9: Your council can give the organization this form and ask them to fill it out. Be sure they complete Part I in its entirety and sign/date the form in Part II, as well. Without Part I and Part II completed, the W-9 will not be considered valid. By filling it out, they're providing their organizations EIN and asserting their 501(c)(3) status.

If your organization is not listed below, you will need to reach out the organization directly and request a copy of their W-9. When you have received the W-9, please upload the W-9 to me using the following link:

The following W-9s are available from me upon request


Vivat Jesus!


Dang Nguyen

State General Program Director

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