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Picture of Bob Bammert
Bob Baemmert, State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Hello Brothers,

Let me start by saying how honored I  am to be voted as your State Deputy for another year! It has been such a pleasure to serve you in this capacity and I'm really praying that we have a banner year, so that Washington  can receive that praise that it has worked so hard for all of these years and deserves. When I read all of the Program Awards and see all of the accomplishments that the Councils brought forward, it just doesn't seem right not to be one of the best Jurisdictions in the Order. If we want the recognition we deserve we have to make our Membership Goals—it's just that simple. We have great programs planned that will help us accomplish our goals this year. SA Greg Mahoney, MPC Pat Maloney, and I are gonna give it all we got this year and we need everyone's help. We will do: The Jump Start Program, The On-Line Membership Program, the Church Drives, the Regional Meetings, Supplemental visits!!!!! WE ARE GOING FOR IT! Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

June 2018

It was a joy to see many of you at the State Convention last month in Pasco and to celebrate the achievements of the fraternal year. Congratulations! I couldn’t help but notice the large number of councils that had no representation at the Convention;... Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
State Secretary

June 2018

My Dear Brothers,

Well, it is June and the 115th Convention is in the books. Gratefully, all Per Capita bills have been paid as well…albeit a number were just paid this week…all are paid regardless, and I thank you for your cooperation.... Read More...

Kim Washburn,
State Treasurer

June 2018

Brother Knights,

What a fantastic Convention!!! Now we are focused on the Summer Meeting in preparation to make our fraternal year 2018-2019 the best ever.... Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Advocate

June 2018

Brother Knights,

Thank you to all who attended the State Convention last month and for your vote of confidence by reelecting me as your State Advocate for another term.... Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Warden

June 2018

My Brothers,

What a great Convention! I hope all you whom attended the 115th Washington State Convention in Pasco had as much fun as I did. All the work that you men did over the past year was on display for all to see.... Read more...

Eddie Parazoo,
Immediate Past State Deputy

June 2018

There is no IPSD message this month